Happy 2014!

Happy belated New Year to you all!  

It turns out that I probably should have had a 'flu jab, as I got to start the New Year all feverish and aching.  The good news, though, was that I was healthy during my parents' visit and over Christmas.  Although mum would have probably been more helpful around the house than my dear husband was last week.  If we could all just take a moment to be grateful that my husband didn't choose nursing for his career...

I did mange to finish the last couple of handmade gifts in time.  Nan got a couple of pot holders, as a little extra to go with her gift:
while mum got a peg bag (that she's been gently reminding me to make ever since her last visit...):
Hopefully it will prove functional - I based it mainly upon my childhood memories of the peg bag that our elderly next door neighbour made for her when I was a child.  

My kids were put to work, as usual, making some new ornaments for the tree.  I had found these glass beads on clearance and thought that they would be perfect as 'icicles' on the tree.  It turns out that my Californian-born offspring have not seen an icicle before...  
Little wonder, given that it was 83 degrees on Christmas Day here...  
They were dubious about whether these ornaments looked anything like icicles, but that's probably to be expected when your frame of reference is some plastic lights on a neighbour's house.
I'd better get going.  My husband's ill today (and possibly wishing that he had been more sympathetic when I was ill).  

Translation of the day:
British English: jab = shot or injection in US English
As in, it would have been easier to get to sleep last summer if I had had my tetanus jab on the same side as my shingles blisters...


  1. Hope your hubbie feels better. Mine calls me 'Florence' in jest when he gets ill! Is;t it funny how our kids are not familiar with cold weather? Jerusalem has some (actually a lot!) snow recently and my boys were insistent that we go out in search of it!

  2. So lovely! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla

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