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Ok, so I was a little tempted to consider my challenge completed: 5 masks = 5 projects.  I decided that that would be being a little too easy on myself, though, so these masks for my son's class play only count as project #1 of 5...

...even if all that hand sewing did take bloomin' ages...   
That one's for a Daisy fairy
that one an Iris fairy
for a Lilac fairy
a Gardenia fairy
and the grumpy & thorny fairy (apparently my daughter felt like getting into character, when modelling these for me...)

I think it helps to have a tight deadline.  Project #2: some small capes for the same play.  

I might regret this 5 masks counting as only one project.  Don't be surprised if by the end of the 5 weeks I'm drawing stick figures and calling them 'art projects'...

This probably won't surprise you, now that you've seen the masks, but I'm not very good at identifying flowers.  I hope that Google Images didn't lie to me...


  1. Dawn! I love these! The daisy and the lilac ones are my favourites. I must have missed previous posts explaining why you're making halloween costumes in May (score 100 points for efficiency!). Or maybe it's just your label and they're really for the play, in which case you've just killed two birds etc. etc. (score 10 000 points for multitasking and clever planning)! Off to check out the earlier posts now...

  2. These are fab and could definitely count as 2 projects at least :) Good luck with the capes I want to make some too!

  3. They're gorgeous. One or five, you're still ahead of me unless painting my daughter's room counts (plain yellow--"nothing fancy please mom").

  4. WOW, those are really amazing! And I think you actually got the flowers just right!

  5. These are stunning- love them all!

  6. Love, love, LOVE those masks!