It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I have wheels!  We finally found a new - well, new to me - car.  The weather has since cheered up and school has broken up, but I'm happy to be mobile again, even if I haven't actually needed it the last couple of days.  Now that things are more or less ready for Christmas, it's been a quiet few days around here.  The cake is iced, the turkey bought, the presents wrapped, the decorations up... 
There was lots of year end testing at school, so the offspring hadn't had much time for decoration making this year, but out came the button jars again for them to make some more button Christmas trees for their contribution to the tree.  
These little felt trees were from a wee kit that I bought on clearance last year, thinking that I'd get the kids to make them, but I ended up making them myself on a night where mindless crafting was needed.
12-odd beaded snowflakes were thrown together, too.
We might be needing a bigger tree next year if we're going to continue this tradition of making some new ornaments each year...
Still, compared to some of the locals, our decorating efforts are rather tame:
This really is my favourite time of year, even if there is no chance of snow here.  

I'll be missing my family and friends, but we'll be having lots of British foods and traditions, so hopefully there'll be a little piece of home in our celebrations.  These days my American husband wears his paper hat out of the cracker without question...

I hope that you and yours are all enjoying the break.  Merry Christmas!  (oh, and wish me luck: I'm a little dubious as to how my Christmas cake is going to turn out this year...).  Take care all,


  1. Merry Christmas! I know what you mean about more and more decorations - this year, I had to leave a load in the box, because they were just overwhelming. But having said that, I love your neighbour's house!

  2. Merry Christmas! have a great time & enjoy the cake and pud - and crackers x

  3. Have a very Merry Christmas!! We've woken to a typical British Christmas Eve...Rain rain and more rain! :o) Luckily I have plenty to keep me busy! LOL

  4. Alriiiiight, Dawn! You got your wheels! Merry Christmas to you, too. Spent Christmas with the (Norwegian-American) inlaws, as we do each year. My MIL asked me what sort of traditional Christmas dessert we have in Singapore. Took ages to remember, then bleated out, "Yule log." Isn't that French? Or English? Or something obviously not Asian? And yet, that's what we have in Singapore. I'm so confused. I hope your reminescing of Christmas goodies from home is a bit less bizarre!

  5. I also make new ornaments each year with my children and now grandies. I have had to purchase new trees to hold them all. I now have 3 6foot trees in the house with 20 or so smaller trees around. The kids love checking out the trees to see what has been added. Nannajs Sth Aust