We love our teachers

Lately most of my crafting has been done sitting about in waiting rooms, working on a never-ending crochet project.  I think that typing the words "please, please don't make me have to throw any money at the house / rust bucket that I drive / my elderly dogs any time soon" was a mistake.  My husband has since had a few trips to the ER (that's the Casualty dept.) and the docs (we're waiting on an ultrasound appointment, but I think that all looks like it will be ok) and one of the elderly dogs had to go to the vets.  $500 for the vet to say that he does not know.  I'll be calling back next week and I'm really hoping to see some improvement by then.  He (the dog, not the vet) seems to be doing ok, but is wheezing whenever he gets excited.  Maybe it isn't that serious, but I'm getting upset anyway - I don't want a reminder that he's getting on in years and might not be with us much longer (still talking about the dog, not the vet).   
It's Teacher Appreciation Week over here, so I've been putting my kids to work on making something for their teachers.  I like the way that our school celebrates this: they pick something small for the kids to do each day.  Monday it's hug / high five your teacher; Tuesday write your teacher a note; Wednesday bring a single flower; Thursday bring candy or something sweet (hopefully they like British chocolate); and Friday is your choice.
Bookmarks always seem like a good choice, in that they are useful, do not take up much space and... while the kids have spent time on them, they're fairly simple, so there shouldn't be too much guilt about getting rid of them, if they want to...
My seven year old weaved a bookmark for her teacher
and the 9 year old did some chicken scratch embroidery for his two teachers...

Ok, time to hide some doggy tablets in food...


  1. I'm very impressed with your 9 year olds embroidery!

  2. Teacher Appreciation week..that sounds lovely!

    Hope things settle down for you soon and that both dog and DH get better soon!

  3. Sending you hugs! Hopefully your husband is fine. And It's never easy watching a beloved dog's decline. We've had to say goodbye to two golden retrievers over the years.
    Love the kids' bookmark projects, and I always think it's sweet when a young man does some stitchery!

  4. The stitchery is amazing! Hope everything settles down all right for you and your family!