Sometimes it's best not to procrastinate doing the laundry

Yep, another basket.  I was rather fond of the first one, plus I did have more scraps of yarn in search of a home.  The next step had to be spending a week or so searching for more of the discontinued bulky yarn in local outlets (although it turns out that my husband is annoyingly reluctant to travel 5 measly minutes out of our way for me to check yet another store - most unhelpful).  I eventually admitted defeat and tried online: success.  I think that I found the last remaining store to stock it. 
It's not as though any sewing was going to get done, anyway: the offspring had a week off school, so we packed up the car and headed off to Vegas.  Not my favourite place in the world (especially now that my kids are old enough to read the various billboards...), but my mother-in-law lives there.  The weather was gorgeous, mind.
I just wish that I had done the week's laundry before we left.  Or the moment we got back.  It turns out that if you procrastinate and leave it until the evening before school starts back up, you might return from a baseball game to find the power is out.  Ah.  Then you might spend the next day at the E.R. (A & E) with your husband (he's doing fine now).  Oh.  Luckily the kids' school uniforms are navy...

Is it wrong that I rather enjoyed getting to peacefully do a bit of crocheting while waiting about in the casualty dept.?

Oh, I've started a twitter account.  I just have no idea how to use it yet.  It started off with my wanting to to get updates on some rugby stuff.  Then I wasted an hour or so bouncing about looking at what people have written (I felt like I was stalking some people by reading their updates.  I suppose that reading blogs is not all that different, but when the person is famous, I kept fighting the urge to say to them - tweet them? - "don't you know that some of your fans might be nuts?").
Then I got unnerved by 5 'people' following me before I had even twittered(?) anything.  Ok, so they were sites, that presumably want me to follow them back (and I've already had to block an adult site - got to love the internet...), but one of them was the Rugby Football Union, which I was already following.  Hmmm.  Now I'm feeling pressured to start tweeting them with team list suggestions and how I think that a running game is more effective.  Presumably they will unfollow me once they realise that I am more likely to twitter absolute drivel...

Anyway, I'm @UK_lass_in_UK.  The sad thing is that I am not altogether too sure how to link to me, but I think that this is my profile page:!/UK_lass_in_US.  Is it?  And yes, it's true, I still do not own a cell phone (mobile)...

OK, time to start thinking up what I want to make for Kids' Clothes Week Challenge next week (I'm not quite ready for hash tags yet, but tweeters can use #KCWC, apparently).  Catching up on blog reading might have to wait a little longer.


  1. Following you on twitter now (@mamasmiles) Took me a minute to realize you meant @UK_lass_in_US - and here's your twitter link:!/UK_lass_in_US

    My MIL lives in Vegas as well, we just stay off the strip completely and it can be quite nice (she's out near Red Rock).

  2. Hope your DH is on the mend. I wish I could help you with the twitter thing, but I don't understand it myself. :o)

  3. I am following you now too. And I still have washing left over from our Easter holiday. Urge.

    Hope your DH is feeling well now. Scary stuff.