Bit of a boring post, I'm afraid

:: Been doing taxes.  70% of that time was spent looking for the paperwork that I had put in a 'safe place' during the previous year. 
:: Been making window coverings.  Decided that shutters are not in our budget since the Christmas Day vet visit, so these will have to do.
:: Window coverings are really awkward to photograph.
:: Especially when you are trying to hide the kids' fingerprints that are all over the windows...
:: Finally hung some photographs in the kids' bathroom.
:: Those are the only two grey rooms in my house.  Promise.
:: Husband spent some time in the doghouse after bringing home unannounced this cute hamster.
:: Started a Facebook campaign to give away said hamster.  Met only with shadenfreude.  Discovered that many of my so-called 'friends' took great delight in my misfortune, but none wanted to provide him with a loving home (mentions of pet snakes and famous people rumoured to have taken a fancy to rodents did  flood my wall, mind).  
:: Still, soon fell in love with the little boy hamster.
:: Just like I did the girl hamster that my husband brought home a few months back...  I now have two cages to clean.  The kids are under strict instructions to not let the two hamsters meet up.  Wondering whether I can get my husband blacklisted at local pet shops.  Also need to work on maintaining a grudge.

:: Received a gorgeous package of goodies from Jackie, that included these two stunning papercuttings.  Yep, papercuttings!  The detail is amazing, even more so than it appears in photos.  I love the subtle texture.  Thanks, Jackie!
:: Making the most of the last few days of mini eggs.

Spring break next week.  Wish me luck.  


  1. Enjoy your break! We had our spring break this week. Come to think, that does explain why all the shopping centers/streets were so busy today.

    I've had a hankering for grey paint myself lately, will look into some other neutrals so's to not have the whole house ensconced in fog.

  2. oh my gosh - the hamster! inside the Easter egg...really he is adorable. but yes, keep the two hamsters far apart unless you want your children to have a lesson on the birds and the bees.
    at least you are getting things done. i guess i'm getting things done to, but feel a lot like i'm going in circles. i'll have to document my progress and completed projects to help me realize i really get more done than i think. i love your window treatments!
    p.s. you're very welcome for the papercuts.

  3. Those hamsters are so cute! Don't want one, though :)

  4. not at all boring .. I had two gerbils once, and then I had 24 ... so keeping them apart is a great idea. Your window coverings are gorgeous even if they aren't shutters.

  5. Those hamsters are so cute! Yes be sure to keep them apart...I worked in a pet shop in my youth and we had a female that seem to get pregnant just by looking at the boy morning I came in and she was gone. Did I mention the pet shop sold snakes?

  6. It is rather a cute hamster. I would offer but I don't think it would be a good idea to send it through the post to the uk!

  7. you know that song from Gloria Gaynor : I will la la la la la... seems that is you tune for the next coming days.....You made me laugh !!!

  8. Definitely not boring! Send the hamsters to me, I LOVE them. Yes, I do - we had lots (one after another) when I was a child, then a pair of dwarf hamsters when we were students, and now I pretend that the current hamster belongs to the children but really, he's mine. When their first one died last year, I think I was as upset as they were, if not more so. She was ace.

  9. Oh you just KNOW you're in for hamster trouble in your future! I'm up to my eyeballs in cat - you'll get no home offers from me.

  10. Maybe you could make a deal with a pet shop to be a hamsters' supplier... ;)

  11. I really like your pretty blue jug full of daffodils - it just screams Spring. The blinds look great too. Good luck with those hamsters ... !