Pinterest boards can be decieving

Spring is well and truly sprung around here.  The daffs bloomed and wilted weeks ago, long before St. David's day.  I did manage to escape the sunshine and squeeze in my snow fix for the year, though, thanks to a wee snowfall in the nearby mountains helpfully coinciding with a 6 Nations Rugby-free weekend.
I must admit, I'm regretting introducing my American husband to rugby.  Despite my helpfully drawing a pie chart to illustrate how little of his heritage is actually Welsh, he has taken to supporting Wales, even against my England.  This is far too reminiscent of my younger days being surrounded by Welsh friends cheering against my team.  At least England was usually winning those matches, mind.  I'll grudgingly admit that Sam Warburton and his lads seem a nice down-to-earth and talented bunch, but all I'll say on the matter to my traitor of a husband is that I think that Strettle did get that try at the end... 
(My daughter has rather a kamikaze approach to sledging)

Anyway, a car ride up into the mountains is always a good time to get the crochet hook out and a lap blanket was needed for the sub-zero temperatures that the afore-mentioned traitor likes to keep in our house (I go outside to warm up...).  Anyone following my Pinterest crochet board might well be expecting a bright and colourful number.
Nope.  It turns out that, when it comes down to it, my taste is a lot more boring than I imagine it to be.  One boring plain grey lap blanket:
Still, it works.  Snuggling under it the other evening I even passed out for a short nap.  The early weekend starts to watch the rugby have been catching up on me... 
Poking about Pinterest, I've always wondered at the number of young single lasses with wedding planning boards (disclaimer: my wedding took about 4 days of planning and had 2 'guests', so I am aware that it is in fact me that is the abnormal one) or how many friends with tiny houses are pinning architectural inspiration from manor houses.  Still, I have to realise that I am much the same: I have a Clothes Inspiration board full of skirts and dresses, but am still to be found pretty much daily in t-shirt and jeans. I should probably be making more of an effort to be more like my Pinterest self.  
First up has been some minor home decorating and cleaning, though.  5 bin bags (trash bags) donated to charity from my son's room alone!  Plus the family photo wall has had some new additions (the blank one is awaiting pictures of the traitor's non-Welsh grandparents...).  I've got to find another frame for the one empty corner, too...

Translation of the Day:
UK English: colour = color in US English
That's a fairly simple one, but apparently one I forgot when making my 1st grader write out her spelling sentences.  Oops.  Actually, the American spell check on blogger has highlighted several words in this post alone.  Just this last week I was talking about the sledging to an American friend and she said, "Oh, you do call it sledging.  I thought that that was a typo in your e-mail".  People around here probably think that I'm a pretty awful speller - even 1st graders...


  1. Even weirder is that 'sledging' is now used in Australia to mean winding up the opposition team through offensive or abusive language!

  2. I think your grey blanket is just as nice as the bright stripy ones - to be honest I'm rather in awe of any one who can crochet something as large as a blanket!

  3. I like my Pinterest self better than the real me. Much more together. Not to mention productive...

  4. Not only should Strettle's try have been given but the preceeding welsh try should have been disallowed and a penalty given! Grrrrr!!

  5. LOL - I thought sledging was misspelt for years too...nah it's just you Brits that are different! :o) I can't say much tho'...being Canadian we wear tuques (hats) in the winter and drink homo milk ...(whole milk!) I get funny looks here when I get my terminology mixed up!!

  6. Supporting Wales when he's married to an English girl? Pshaw.

    I love your photo wall. I have been wanting one for ages. But the walls in our house require drilling and rawlplugs for every picture - they're old and thick (and if you say that sounds like me I shall scream).

  7. your family photo wall is very, very lovely--and I like that there's still room to grow it!

    and 5 bin bags--yay! p.s. that blanket does look awfully snuggly.

  8. I love this post. I have just been thinking about the 'About Me' pages.. and how they really don't get to who we are... pinterest, the same! :)