KCWC catch up

Well, it ended up taking a week or so for my sewing machine to come out of its summer hibernation: I hurt my back. I suffered several days of walking around looking like I was trying to do the robot. This, of course, had to coincide with our new hamster making a bid for freedom in the middle of the night. Luckily she chose my bedroom, as I was the only one still awake. Still, I'm sure that you can imagine that someone with a rigid back trying to catch a small lively rodent that is under the bed rates pretty highly on the ridiculous-looking scale...

Luckily I regained my mobility in time for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge. Unluckily my mother-in-law decided that she was going to stay at the start of the challenge week, scuppering my plans for the first couple of days. Plus I found out that my kids would need their Halloween costumes earlier than planned. So, plans scrapped, here's day one's effort: a hand sewn felt wolf mask. My theory is that sewing while entertaining a guest is not anti-social if it is hand sewing...

Not strictly an item of kids' clothing, but oh well. I might as well confess now: the next couple of days were filled with Halloween costume making, too. A late evening sewing session after soccer practices produced a little red hooded cloak for a Little Red Riding Hood:She then needed something to go under the cloak, though, so I came up with this little dress:Please do not look too closely. I do not believe in spending too much time on costumes that will only get a couple of wears, so I've been sewing these with the pedal to the floor...
I've just been making up the patterns for all these as I go along, but I do plan on attempting a proper pattern tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Translation of the Day:
UK English: scupper = to defeat, ruin or thwart in US English
As in, the lack of discipline displayed really scuppered England's hopes in the Rugby World Cup. Oh England, I had such high hopes for you...


  1. Hope your back is feeling better...I can only imagine how uncomfortable you were chasing that hamster! ((hugs))

    Love the pics of the wolf and red riding hood...just the thing to remind me that Halloween is just around the corner.

  2. These are fabulous - how on earth did you make the wolf mask? Puts my Halloween making to shame...! Hope there's no more rodent chasing in your future!

  3. oh poor back! I've been experiencing back issues too.
    those halloween costumes - unbelievable!! they are gorgeous!! absolutely incredible! I think I want a red cape now. maybe you should create an adult pattern for that...

  4. Wow! How can you create that in a Pair of afternoons? The cloack looks awesome. My girl would adore it! Thanks for sharing.

  5. And Wales lost today so that's the end of all the hopes!
    Great costumes

  6. Love the costumes! I would have thought you *had* used a pattern!!

    Sympathy with the back - suffering myself at the moment. I was better, but then a horse chased me across a field and I jumped off a stile...

  7. absolutely lovely costume...On my way to make two jedis....

    Sorry we won against you at rugby....but it feels nice...but we gonna suffer with the old blacks anyway and they are a king of far far away cousin of yours.... :-)

  8. I really love your little red riding hood cape, that lining is just so lovely. I have a red riding hood cape on my sewing to-do list. I've got a few knitting and crochet projects to do first!

  9. I hope your back is better really soon. I know how a rigid back feels and it is so not fun. I just about live at the physio until it is sorted.
    Little Red Riding Hoods dress is just gorgeous, I love the longer sleeves with the lace around them and the neck. Lovely. Without a pattern too, I am in awe.

  10. oh, what a sweet pair! You're work is excellent. From the mask, cape, everything, perfect! 'I want your clothes making skills.

  11. I know this is an old post, but may I ask what type of dress this is called? I am a novice seamstress and am looking to making something similar for my daughter for Halloween. I came across this searching for little red riding hood, and that dress is simply perfect!