I miss my settee

Some gifts for a friend that is a teacher and world traveller: Mary Jane slippers (pattern by the little house by the sea). Please note: any funny angles in the picture are a result of my having inherited my mum's weird shaped feet - the pattern is fine.
Bag based upon the construction of this bag, but I changed the pattern to make it bigger, changed the shape and, well, changed the construction a bit, too. Picture taken by my son.
I've been fantasizing about the days before kids. Nope, not because I could be a world traveller, too. I've been thinking back fondly to the days when I could come home from work and just collapse on the sofa when I was ill. I've been feeling rough for over a week now, but my kids don't even let me have a lie-in on weekends. 5am. Maybe when they are teenagers they might be more willing to stay in bed of a morning...
I had better get going: I've got a busy day ahead of me. No sofa.


  1. hope you feel better soon.
    Didn't want the poorly you to feel like you were talking to yourself! take care, Nic

  2. 5am?!?!?!!

    When they're teenagers you should get some payback and get them up at 5am on the weekend. ;)

    Hope you feel better soon :)

  3. I must have been a weird kids, I chose to sleep in on... well....every day from when I was about 5 on...

    As for the bag, it's adorable, and I think your son took a great photo.

    as for the Slippers, I love them, I have funky shaped feet too. Embrace them, it makes you unique, and my shoes fit longer...

  4. Slippers lovely (fab colour!), bag also lovely, you not well - so not lovely!

    Feel better soon.


  5. I hope you are feeling better. 5am is very early! I'm so bad, I normally give my daughter a book so I can have a few minutes extra sleep.

    The slippers and bag are lovely. I might try out the knitting pattern.

  6. I feel your pain...I've got three kids like that! I have a rule - no leaving your bedroom before there is a '6' on the clock. I'm sure it comes from dad's side of the family :-) Hope you feel better soon!

  7. 5am is pretty unlucky...I thought mine were early risers (6am). Hope you manage to get some rest soon!

  8. gorgeous gifts. feel better soon x

  9. I've been thinking back to the non-kids days myself recently. Mainly because I'm desperate for a night out with hubby - haven't had one since before Nipper was born! Your feet don't look too bad - lol! My daughter has my ex-MIL's feet and we have a devil of a job getting shoes that fit. Loving that bag.
    Hope you feel much better soon!

  10. hope you are feeling better!!! it seems like everyone around me is picking up some kind of bug!!!


  11. Those have to be the most elegant looking feet...how can you think they're weird?

    The Mary-Jane slippers are gorgeous.

    Florence x

  12. Hope you feel better soon! Those slippers are absolutely gorgeous!

  13. I am so coveting those slippers. The colour. The style ...

  14. Ah yes, kids aren't very good at sympathizing with Mommy, are they? I get the same thing here.

    Cute slippers! And your feet aren't weird. You oughta see my hubby's! Now THAT'S a genetic oddity. :)

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