KCWC day 3 - it's darker in real life

It's a much deeper and darker red, but these photos will have to do. Day 3 of the challenge was a quickie: another peasant blouse, made of corduroy this time. It was back-to-school night for my son's class.
My kids have never shown any sign of struggling in school - quite the opposite - but somehow I still feel worried when the teachers outline all that they are supposed to achieve by the end of the year.


  1. gorgeous colour !!! these little tops are so easy to wear, aren't they ?! I bet your little model was very happy !
    beautiful photo shooting !
    (don't do like me : don't choose black wool ! ever !)

  2. It's a beautiful colour. My goodness, you're churning them out at a rapid speed!

  3. This is just as gorgeous this time as it was the previous times you have made it... great job, and I love the colour. Have you even considered making the pattern up into a tutorial?(Hopeful grin) :) I'm sure there are lots of people that would love to give it a go!
    Never mind the seismic action...