No bears were harmed in the making of...

From spotting some black furry stuff in the offcuts bin, to gathering some felt scraps, to wondering whether the turning hole should have been a smidgen bigger, to swearing never to use metallic embroidery thread again, to... a wee soldier in a bearskin.
I do like how hand sewing can feel a little like doodling in slow motion.
I'm just scribbling this off while I can - my husband is having his friend work on the computer again. Not even a new pc is enough to stop him disappearing off to work with our computer under his arm. Hmm, so what else is new? Another baby blanket, with a blue border this time, for my husband's work mate's baby who is in NICU (SCBU).
A hat for my son (wearing his dad's sunglasses) made partly from this pattern. I say partly, as I lost my copy of the pattern half-way, so I just improvised the bottom half.
See that white stuff? Yep, that's snow! Finally got to go to the local mountains and play in the snow - and wear our new hats (I haven't written down the crochet hat pattern yet, but will do soon). Skied for the first time since my honeymoon.
As for now, it's back to normal. My parents have gone home, the kids are back in school and, just when I finally have a few spare minutes to catch up my e-mail etc., my husband is disappearing off with the pc again. Mothers, warn your daughters not to ever marry a computer gamer...


  1. Fabulous projects! Seriously impressed with the little soldier! And yeah, metallic embroidery thread is a pain in the backside! Have cursed that myself many a time!

  2. You clever thing - he's lovely! I used metallic thread when I was making the charms to go on the favour boxes for my wedding. I knew nothing about beading needles and so had to hand thread them all. Not so bad if you're just making 10 but a real pain in the butt when you have to do 50!
    I have a solution to the pc problem - get a laptop just for you (money permitting of course). Mr Earplugs is a computer techie so now and again he has to upgrade his laptop and we get his cast-offs. It makes life so much easier.

  3. Oh your soldier is so perfect!! What yarn did you use for that baby blanket? It looks so cuddly!
    I am also married to a computer gamer - I had to get him his own computer - best purchase I've made in a long time... :)

  4. Love the soldier! Reminds me of some vintage fabric I have stashed away.

  5. Metallic embroidery thread is *&%$ impossible!

    That said, your soldier is adorable. And the metallic thread embroidery looks impeccable.

  6. nice hat. I like the color.

    so I thought of you the other day, as I pulled a container of Bird's instant custard powder off the grocery store shelf.

    I love that the directions inform me to prepare the milk on the "hob". I think I'm going to refer to my stove top as the hob from now on. It's way more fun.

    In fact, I'm going to share this with my blogging friends in a future entry. Please share more UK terminology. I love it!

  7. Ah, he's fab! My BIL used to be in the band of the Coldstream Guards so your little chap really appeals to me!

  8. love the blanket! Very sweet. As for the daughters, you mean there are men out there that are not computer gamers?

  9. That's the worst, leaving a too-small turning hole! The soldier is amazing, my son would loooove that!

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  11. I married a gamer also....but he drug me into :) but I also blog and that keeps him off my even have the better one!) hehehe..

  12. love all the projects....that soldier is too cute!

  13. Oh my goodness - the soldier is absolutely ducky!! He has so much personality - you did a fabulous job!
    I agree about hand stitching being like doodling in slow motion!

  14. He is absolutely fab! And of course we here in England see fellas walking about looking like that all the time.
    They dunnarf hit their heads on shop doorways, poor loves.
    Only kidding.
    I was quite surprised how much I enjoyed hand-sewing my daughter's birthday present - a stuffed elephant - learn something new about yourself every day!
    x x x
    (ps thanks for your comment on the Sew Hip - shame you missed it! The next issue has a feature all about us so grab it if you see it!)

  15. Oooh I am LOVING your soldier. My Uncle was a queen's guard and the pics of him in his uniform were the best. I love love love this guy. I may have to copy you and try to make one. LOVELY!

  16. This is such a sute little soldier - love it!! You're super talented!

  17. Fabulous projects! Seriously impressed with the little soldier!
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  18. ¡your soldier is adorable!¿Tienes tu el patron,proyecto?,¿me lo enviarias?
    Soy de Argentina, y me gustan mucho tus trabajos. Felicitaciones.