Happy Easter

We're busy enjoying having my parents over here for a visit. Even had a couple of possible sightings of the Easter Bunny on a walk yesterday.
Egg dyeing was less successful than planned - next time I'll do a more thorough search on the internet for how to do this. I ended up just swirling half of them in food colouring...
I'm starting to feel slightly guilty that my dad is out raking the lawn while I sit here typing this, so I had better get going. I hope that you all have a lovely Easter. I'll be back soon.
Take care.


  1. purple eggs are the most difficult it seems.

    the kiddo and I are going to try silk ties wrapped around eggs and then boiled in water/vinegar solution. I think it makes them look like fimo clay. fun!

  2. That's okay. My mom is doing my laundry...

  3. Happy Easter! At least you tried to dye the eggs, we didn't even get that far!

  4. Happy Easter! My husband's family came over for the day so twelve people to cook for - his Mum took pity on me and brought all the food with her, then thanked me for a lovely day! How guilty did I feel?!

  5. Love the photos of the Easter bunny. We went to my husband's aunt and uncles on Saturday and he ended up cooking dinner for 12!

  6. lol You did better than I did. I got the eggs boiled... but never got them dyed.