Hopefully she'll be a better cook than I am

My husband has already started asking me when he can use the computer to play his bloomin' computer game and I only logged on two minutes ago...
We just got back from my niece's 6th birthday party. Here's the wee apron I knocked out to go with the cooking for kids book that we gave her. Don't look too closely: I was still working on it an hour before the party was due to begin, so it's not the best topstitching I've ever done...

It's reversible - cupcakes on one side, pink squares on the other. I'm going to make a similar one for another niece, although I'm thinking of making a couple of changes to my basic idea. It was a nice and easy project, though. Hm, I wonder for how much longer my son will be willing to model pink aprons for my blog?
The good news is that the smoky haze has cleared (I don't know who suffers more, the stir-crazy kids or me being stuck in the house with stir-crazy kids) and the weather is cooling off a little around here. I can finally wear jeans instead of shorts. It's still hard to get in the mood for the holidays when I don't even need a jumper (sweater) yet, though.

The kids and I did sit down yesterday to make some ornaments (I'll show you next time) so hopefully things will start feeling more festive around here soon. I think I'll start decorating soon after Thanksgiving. I need some physical reminder that Christmas is fast approaching if I'm going to get started on Christmas present making...
Translation of the day:
My sister-in-law's sister reminded me of this one today:
UK English: fag = cigarette in US English
UK English: faggot = a kind of meatball or a bundle of sticks in US English
US English: faggot (and the shortened form 'fag') = disparaging term for a homosexual man
British folk tend to know the American translation, so this is more for the benefit of the Americans amongst you, so that you don't get offended when Brits 'pop outside for a fag' or offer you faggots for dinner...
The bad news: one of the recent updates my friend posted on the site about 5 year old Diego: "Sorry I did not update yesterday. We needed to speak with family first. Diego may have some pneumonia but the main problem is the tumors in his chest have grown considerably. We have had some tough choices to make and for now we are going to continue fighting. He continues to have high fevers, heart rate and respiration. I will update when I can."
I've been wanting to do something for them, besides occasionally subjecting them to my awful cooking. I am considering making a fabric dollhouse and doing some sort of online raffle for it to raise some money to go in the non-profit fund, but when I have contacted paypal for more details on the fees and charges that would be made against (hopefully) lots of small online payments, they have only sent an impersonal reply requiring that I have a paypal account and link my question to that account. I was wondering if any of you have had much experience with using paypal - or other forms - to receive payments, especially low monetary value ones. My e-mail address is over there on the left, if you want to contact me directly. Would people even be interested in winning one?
Any other ideas would also be welcome. How any parent endures what they are going through, I don't know.
Take care.


  1. that apron is so cute!!! and I love your translations!! so funny!

  2. The apron is adorable and your comments about the translations rings so true (I'm a Canadian in the UK) and even after 7.5 years my DH still doesn't follow some of my terminology :o)

  3. That's a lovely apron.

    I don't know the answer to your paypal question, but if you did hold a raffle I'd buy a ticket ...

  4. I love the apron - but I'm wondering how many hours of therapy it will take your son to get over the public photos of him wearing a cupcake adorned and pink apron ;-)

    I like using paypal for credit card sales only - as I have no way of processing them otherwise - but there are lots of charity sites (such as JustGive.org) that enable you to raise money for causes.

    I love the translations ;-) It surprises me still after 5 years how different the American language is.

    Hope you are well - Rachael x

  5. Cool apron - I plan to make some myself as gifts this year. x

  6. Your fabric dollhouse would be lovely, I'm sure, and I think many would be interested in winning one (ME!).

    I have a business acct. in paypal, so do get charged a bit for each payment receipt. But you don't get charged, if you don't have a business account. They'll force you into one if you start receiving too much money ("too much" meaning not very much, believe me...)

  7. Lovely aprons!
    I would certainly participate in a raffle for a fabric dollhouse! I will check in to see if you get the paypal figured out!

  8. I have a 'premiere' Paypal account which I generally use for buying and selling on Ebay. When I receive a payment I get charged 20p for the individual transaction plus a % of the money I've received as per the info below:

    UK Domestic Rates
    Monthly sales
    Price per transaction
    £0.00 GBP - £1,500.00 GBP
    3.4% + £0.20 GBP

    £1,500.01 GBP - £6,000.00 GBP
    2.9% + £0.20 GBP

    £6,000.01 GBP - £15,000.00 GBP
    2.4% + £0.20 GBP

    £15,000.01 GBP - £55,000.00 GBP
    1.9% + £0.20 GBP

    above £55,000.00 GBP*
    1.4% + £0.20 GBP

    UK cross Border Rates
    GBP £0.00 - £1,500.00 Cost 3.9% + £0.20
    GBP £1,500.01 - £6,000.00 Cost 3.4% + £0.20
    GBP £6,000.01 - £15,000.00 Cost 2.9% + £0.20
    GBP £15,000.01 - £55,000.00 Cost 2.4% + £0.20
    GBP above £55,000.00 Cost 1.9% + £0.20 GBP
    Hope that makes sense. It's not too easy finding info on the Paypal website! And they aren't the easiest people to deal with if you ever have a problem. I have seen Google Checkout shown on some websites - I don't know whether there is a charge for this or how it works though. Here's hoping Diego has some improvement very soon, bless him.

  9. your translations always make me smile! I love the apron.....so sweet!

  10. I'm in for the raffle, if you can get one set up!
    Best wishes to all
    and just in case no-one from home lets you know, it's cold enough to wear 2 (or 3) jumpers at the moment!

  11. Super cute apron. What child wouldn't want to be in the kitchen in that?

    Pooh on Paypal. I wish I had some experience with doing something like that. That's a wonderful idea. There has to be a way to make it work.