And the winners are...

It's been hot, hot, hot around here. Thank goodness that it is finally starting to cool off a bit. It does mean that I had to quash the English chocolates I wanted to add to the give-away, though, and pick a non-melting variety instead...
Without further ado, the winner of the give-away is Sarah of Sarah, this little lot is yours:
And, as there were two bags, I thought I might as well give away the second, too, so Christina (HikeBikeKayak) of, this little lot is yours (good luck for the upcoming birth!)These prizes are given away with the understanding that all poor stitching will be ignored, as sleep has been a rare commodity around here...

Here's the crossword answers:

Sarah and Cristina, I'll be e-mailing you to find out your addresses.
Take care all.


  1. Thank you, Dawn! What a treat! My daughter is going to flip when she sees all those buttons...

  2. Dang I can't believe I missed you give away and you had minstrels too!!