We need more power

For those of you in Southern California, just a quick note: the California Poppies are blooming near Gorman. Such a beautiful sight. Even worth a car trip with my husband muttering things every 5 minutes or so, like 'What a waste of time', 'Look, there's a flower by the road, can we go home now?', 'Do you realise how long it's going to take to get there', 'I bet we'll hit traffic' ... (Thank you for taking me there, dear, it was much appreciated).I've been doing lots of boring things like sewing on buttons and fixing seams recently, but I did think that I would have the finished doll quilt to show you today. I finally found some material for the binding on Friday, finalised my choice on backing fabric, quilted it, then... this happenedNo, not a seance... not a romantic candlelit meal... A power outage. Darn. So much for my plans. The kids had a nice early bedtime and I got to read by candlelight until the power finally came back on. So, half the binding is now done, just got to do the other side now.
In the meantime I'll bore you with pictures of works in progress:Here's the blanket I'm working on for J (I said I'd wait until it was bigger than a scarf to show you... Can we pretend that it's the width of a narrow shawl, then? Maybe it will be finished by the time he goes off to college...).Here's the rhubarb scarf I'm attempting with that beautiful yarn that Moonstitches sent me. I think I've finally got the hang of the stitch, but this won't be one for crocheting on car journeys, what with all those itty bitty stitches. Maybe this one will be finished by the time K goes to college...
Today's translation of the day continues on the game theme:
UK English: Noughts and Crosses = Tic Tac Toe in US English. Goodness knows how they came up with that moniker...
UK English: Patience = Solitaire in US English. Ok, I'll allow that that one does make some sense, but...
UK English: Solitaire = a game you play by yourself with a board full of pegs (in a cross shape), where the idea is to remove pegs by jumping other pegs over the top of them, in an attempt to end up with a single peg left on the board in the middle. No idea what the Americans call that one, sorry.
Am I the only one wondering whether the Americans decided to use UK English words for completely different objects just to confuse things. I mean, just look at the clothing terms. Well, more on that one next time - it's about time I got going. Take care all.


  1. Everything is so gorgeous on your blog! It's spring time in California! YAY!
    Love all your pretty handiworks you've made as of late!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, too! Have a great day!

  2. Your scarf looks fabulous! What yarn are you using?
    Thanks for visiting my blog too :)

  3. I would get on a plane and travel to wherever that field of Poppies was - just to see that picture in person (if it were all up to me). Beautiful.