Merci beaucoup

I am a winner! It's not often that I get to say that, as the times that I have won in life are few and far between. Hmm, I was once one of the runners-up in a National colouring contest when I was a little kid. I'll never know if my felt-tip pen running out (resulting in a, well, let's call it, unconventional improvised pattern) helped me win, or cost me the top spot...

Anyway, back to the present day. I've actually won two prizes. The first comes with a confession. I won these beautiful pamphlets, papers and bone folder back in October in a giveaway that held. That was during my camera troubles, so I didn't get to post a picture right away.
That is when I decided to do the worst thing possible: I put the envelope 'someplace safe'. I should have learnt by now that whenever I put something 'someplace safe' I will never remember where that 'someplace safe' is. So it was with a great deal of relief when I found it last weekend 'someplace safe' (in my old art folder - I hadn't wanted the paper to get bent... yes, it makes sense to me now...).

The second prize is from She held an embroidery contest that I entered my little red and white pin cushion in and look what I won: Here's a close-up of the embroidery on the pocket:
(Please excuse my poor photos, by the way, it's dark and windy, so these were taken in a hurry - I didn't even think to put something in the bag to weigh it down).

Ladies, thank you very much.

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