Bad hair days

It's enrollment time for my local school district. Not that they like to publicize that. They don't even seem to want to publicize when they are holding a fair for parents to check out the local schools. Luckily I found out about both at the last minute. This last week's entertainment has mainly consisted of lots of school tours and trawling through the hundreds and hundreds of pages of school reports. Fun.
This hasn't left me much free time, so please keep your expectations for this post low. Especially as my knuckles are all seized up thanks to the freezing temperatures in my house (yes, I know it is warm outside in Southern California and no, I'm not 80).
The problem:
'Aha', I thought, 'I know a solution'. So I quickly knocked out some hair clips:
'Success', I thought.
It lasted about 5 minutes....
Never fear, I have a plan B:You don't want to know what plan C is... nb. Plan B is knitted from a pattern in a Knit It! magazine. Very easy - obviously, as I can do it.
In other news, I have come out to my husband: I have finally told him that I have a blog. Now, on my last post I mentioned some of the difficulties of living in a country that only pretends to speak the same language as me. It turns out that, to him, Lil' d doesn't sound like the only pleasant childhood nickname a short person has had in her life. No, to my American husband it sounds like a rap artist's name (annoyingly it turns out he's right - I googled it). So he's been laughing - I'd like to say with me, but it feels a little like it's at me... My apologies to anyone who has landed up here expecting a rather different Lil' d...


  1. I love those hair clips! And I'm guessing from the stuff on your blog that you are not a rap star? The name fits though...

  2. It is such a big mystery as to when to sign a kid up for Kindergarten!

    The school Jordan is going giving very little information except for the date of registration and we have to just show up to find out more information(like what information to bring with us).

    It was much easier signing him for preschool I tell ya!

    Oh and I totally got your name "Lil D" and never once did a rap name come to mind (and I grew up in North Long Beach...a.k.a "THE GHETTO")

    a good idea !

  4. They are supper cute and what a great idea. I always seem to be running to find a clip when Miss A sits up at the breakfast bar to eat weetbix!

  5. You know, my first thought about Lil'd was that your first name was Lily! (I see now that "Dawn" is written very clearly at the top of the page.) Your barrettes turned out really well. I love the way you wrapped the ribbon around the whole thing.