Hello again.

The problem with not having a digital camera is that I do not have much new to show you right now. The kids' Halloween costumes are pretty much finished, but have not been photographed. I swore that I had taken a picture of some of the summer tops that I had made for K, but when I got the film back, I found that it was not so. There's stripes on the photos I took with my ancient SLR, so I need to retake them. The photos I did take with the point and shoot before I left have turned out kind of funny colour-wise. Take this picture of the blanket I crocheted for my nephew: the blanket is green, the border is beige and the 2 stripes are actually dark brown. Not that you can tell that from this photo. Still, they weren't my first choice for yarn colours anyway, but my local yarn shop's supplies were severely depleted...

So, more oldies it is. Here's a pic of my first sewing attempt. It's a kimono top made for my son out of one of my husband's old t-shirts while I was pregnant (using Martha Stewart's baby kimono pattern). It's hand sewn as I didn't have a sewing machine back then so I really hope that you can't enlarge this photo...
This was sewing attempt #2 (same pattern):
My husband spent the money I had earmarked for a new camera on fixing our sprinkler system while we were away (he has a completely different priority system to me...), but the good news is that my dad has loaned me his old film camera. When the ash clears I'll take some photos for you. Spare a thought for our local firefighters.

edit: I called these tops kimono tops, as that is what Martha Stewart's pattern is called, but a lady named Wendy let me know that the term Qipao is a more accurat description of this style of top. To find them on Marth Stewart's ever changing site, you'll have to search under kimono, though.


  1. You are so lucky that you are so crafty. My crafting abilities are so limited!

  2. I have no clue what I'm doing most of the time - I only started doing stuff like this since I had the kids. You should have seen how long it took me to work out how to thread a sewing machine, thanks to the poor diagram in the instruction manual...