Medieval times

Good thing #1: Halloween costumes only have to last a couple of days at most, so they can be pretty much flung together quickly and easily (I just keep my fingers crossed that no one will sneak a peak at the loose threads and runaway stitches that lie beneath...)

Good thing #2: My kids are young enough that I can steer them towards costume ideas that aren't way beyond my very-much-just-a-beginner skills

Good thing #3: It hasn't occurred to my kids that the store bought costumes are probably way cooler and won't be met with blank looks when they go door-to-door (yes, last year my daughter was told what a cute rabbit she was. She was supposed to be a dog. Luckily she was too young to know that anyway...)

So without further ado, here's this year's attempt at costumes: a Knight and a Maiden (she's not ladylike enough to qualify for a lady, I'm afraid...)

Knight costume: was an old (stained) curtain, a bit of red felt, a plastic sword given to J in England and a ball of grey wool. The grey knitted sleeves and (detachable!) hood are supposed to look like chain mail. Don't laugh. If you knew how slow I am at knitting, you'd be making polite comments about how you had mistaken them for the real thing, or other such blarney...

As for the maiden, well, her outfit was blatantly copied from, I mean, greatly inspired by

K was originally going to be another knight. Or a horse (I'm sure the poor girl will get revenge on her pink/frill/glitter-phobic mum by demanding to be a fairy princess every year when she's old enough). Anyway, I then came across GoingSewCrazy's creation and that seemed to be the perfect costume to go with a knight.

Unfortunately I didn't have the Ottobre pattern or any other dress pattern, for that matter, so this was more a result of me making it up as I went along and, well, it shows.

Still, I have now made a dress for the first time and sewn in a zipper for the first time (I have since found a tutorial for sewing in a zipper and it turns out there is a lot easier way of doing this. One day I will think to do a web search for tutorials first. In the meantime, maybe I should look at the scary looking metal things that came with the sewing machine and see if any of them answer to 'zipper foot').

Anyway, a bit of grey green moleskin fabric from the clearance rack, coupled with the leg of one of my holey pairs of trousers and a bit of pink ribbon and Bob's your uncle.
I think I'll throw in random weird British sayings more often, just to keep you on your toes.


  1. Hi Lil'd,

    What fantastic Halloween costumes!! Big sigh of relief that Australia doesn't subscribe to this holiday (well not really). Seeing that my knitting is absimal despite going to many beginner knitting classes, I thought the knitted chain mail was inspired. The maiden dress is fab too especially because you made it up as you went along. A big pat on the back to you!! I've looked at the photos think you are amazing and wonder why you are beating yourself up on a great job. There is nothing bodgy there at all. I will agree internet tutorials are marvellous and as a clothes sewing newbie often googles all sorts of things. Did you see the Sew Mama Sew tutorial. I have had fantastic results using it.... All I need is to find a good buttonhole tutorial as mine are dodgy as.

  2. There costumes turned out great! You are too hard on yourself!

    I love them!

  3. Cool costumes. How did you get the faces blurred? I have some photos I want to blur like that, can you help me?