Lost and found

You won't find me posting very often about thrift store finds. I was wondering why everyone else seemed to have such luck 'til I went to my local store on a Saturday and found hoards of people snagging all the good stuff in sight. A mum dragging around two unwilling kids doesn't stand a chance against those professionals...

I finally had some luck and found this pattern for a dress for my daughter, K (either the bottom right or left one) - a bit on the expensive side at 13 cents... ;). Unfortunately every other pattern there was a scary 80's number with huge shoulder-pads.

We did have to return to the thrift store yesterday. I finally remembered where it was that I had last seen K's lost toy dog that she slept with each night. Yep - dopey store to lose something in. Luckily it was still there, in the toy bin with the rest of the merchandise, although it didn't have a price tag on yet...
As for these scissors: I couldn't resist them. The ones I had as a kid were just like them, and the little red-headed girl and her dog just reminded me too much of my feisty little K.
I just scanned the items for images as I've yet to get a new camera. I sold my car and haven't found a new one yet. The future of my marriage may well depend on my finding a new set of wheels soon: I can't stand shopping with my (whinging and complaining) husband and I'm having to rely on him to take me everywhere out of walking / cycling distance. Trying to find a swimsuit at a time when they're apparently all on clearance didn't help (it wasn't until the 8th shop that I found one in my size...). I think camera shopping would push him over the edge.
PS. I thought my sewing machine was broken last night: the motor was whirring but the needle wasn't moving. Half an hour later I realised that I hadn't pushed back in the round thing on the side (like my technical terminology?) after winding thread on a bobbin. I need more sleep.

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  1. That is a good pattern though! Sometimes thrifting is SO hit and miss, you never know if you're going to find something good or not!