Hello and farewell

Welcome to my blog. I've been checking out a few blogs recently and have found it so inspiring. I do have two kids, though, so a lot of that inspiration is languishing, stored up in a long 'to do' list... Maybe I should be starting on that list, rather than starting a blog. Hmmm.

Anyway... I thought I'd post a picture of what I made for my son's preschool teacher as an end of year farewell and thank you gift. She is ever such a lovely lady and she had mentioned earlier in the year that she sewed. So, an apple pin cushion it was. Mainly because I couldn't think of anything else, once I had got that idea into my head. I thought an apple was fitting, though (I'm starting to see the downside of blogging: starting to second guess my gifts. Oh well, too late now. It's been given and she said that she liked it).

Sorry about the picture quality. I'm still living in the stone age and using a film camera and I used an ancient roll of film that my dad had found. Too late to try again for a better shot. It's hard to tell, but it's made out of maroon felt and a scrap of fabric that I had.

Finally found the link to the lovely pincushion that inspired me: http://mypiccalilli.blogspot.com/2007/02/pear-shaped.html


  1. Welcome to blogland!

    Personally, I think an apple is VERY fitting for a teacher who sews! You got the shape right on.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the apple pincushion, very appropriate for a teacher :)

  3. Welcome, I am a fairly new blogger too. What a perfect gift especially for a sewing teacher.

  4. I love the apple. It reminds me of a bowl of wool apples I saw...about 15 years ago and was sure I would duplicate immediately... I haven't started yet, but I have red wool!