My old bike

Many years ago, when I was dating this American lad long-distance, I bought a bike for $15 to use during my visits. So-called friends have laughed at my old bike.  My husband (yes, I married that American lad) likes to point out Victorian Age bicycles and tell me that my bike is probably older than they are.  Complete strangers have yelled out things like "nice bike!" in a tone that suggests that they do not appreciate my old bike at all.  Still, this is my favourite bike that I have ever owned.  It has these lovely curved handlebars, so that you don't have to slump forwards to ride it.  It also came with the world's most comfiest saddle:
Not too long ago my husband slung out my old bike basket (I don't know why, he doesn't know why...), so he was sent off for a replacement. 
It's a great size, but it felt a little bit too black on black on black, so I decided to brighten it up a bit.  One ball of twine, a short bit from another ball of twine, a small crochet hook and a couple of baseball games later:     
I like it.  My husband said, "sure, it looks nice" in a disinterested voice, but who's going to worry about the opinion of someone who laughs at the world's most comfiest bike?