It was a good summer

It's probably not a good sign when you glance over your last blog post, notice that it mentions a baby blanket in progress and you can not remember who has had a baby recently...  Has it been that long?  I know my summer plans got a little derailed when I came down with shingles for a couple of weeks.  It's supposed to be the over 50 crowd / cancer patients / stressed out individuals that get it - none of which applied to me this summer.  It was a pain (quite a bit of pain, but luckily I got it around the hip, so, could have been worse).  Might have been more pleasant during school time, mind...

Still, lots of day trips and the garage did eventually get mainly cleared out, which has been on the to-do list since we, um, last stuffed baby gear in there.  My youngest is 8.  Yeah, it's been a few years since we could cross the garage without having to follow a 'path'.

After that I had a spell of madness at the start of the school year / soccer season and went a little volunteer-crazy.  Luckily most of the tasks that I signed up for are now completed, leaving me with just my usual weekly stuff... and, um,  the 5th grade memory book...  I've made a mental note to stop putting my hand up when they're asking for dupes and to practice avoiding eye contact in future.

I'm feeling like I am getting back into the groove, though.  Churned out a couple of Halloween costumes AND I have a hand sewing project on the go for when I'm watching yet another soccer practice.  I feel like I'm spending about half of my awake hours at the local park at the moment.
So, Halloween costumes: bless my lovely children, for they picked easy costumes this year.  So nice to for once not have the 'I think a storm trooper costume will take more hours and care than I am willing to put into a costume for one night' conversation.  My daughter wanted to be a surgeon - YES!  Pretty much PJs, a mask, a hat and Bob's your uncle, you're done:
As for my son, he's Ricky Vaughn (aka Wild Thing from the 80s movie Major League).  I'm thinking that 95% of people won't get the movie reference, but he'll still look like a kid that's dressed up as a baseball player.  Plus, he was already on an Indians little league team, so we already had the cap.  All I had to do was mock up a baseball jersey.
When he picked out his glasses at the opticians, I might have told him that he ought to at least be Clark Kent or Wild Thing for Halloween, if those glasses were going to be his choice...
A little reluctance was shown about the haircut, mind.
I had a weird moment when drafting out the patterns for the costumes: it was a moment of calm.  I used to be measuring and re-measuring and pinning and draping when making things up as I went along.  This time it was a quick measurement, followed by a quiet confidence that what I was drafting would turn out the way I was hoping.  Ok, this was mainly because they were such easy costumes to draft and were not 'fitted', but it was still a nice moment.  The sewing was still littered with the odd flying broken needle and machine trying to eat the project, but the calm prevailed.  Well, a few choice words were uttered here and there, but, in the main, the calm prevailed.  Maybe I am starting to actually have a clue about how to do this sewing lark after all.
Oh, and I did eventually remember who had a baby: my husband's workmate's wife.  I didn't feel so bad for forgetting once I realised that it was a baby that I had never met (the blanket is a boring and practical navy, but the photo's colours look different in blogger: hmm).