KCWC: Jinbei pjs

Kid's Clothes Week Challenge is upon us again.  It's a bit of a nutty week this week, so I'm not sure that I'm going to manage to squeeze in an hour of sewing each day, but we'll see how things go.  First up are these pyjamas for my daughter.  They're based on some smaller ones that we were given by some Japanese family friends a few years back.  I think that they are called Jinbei, but I might be wrong.  Hey, I've lived in America for 11 years now and didn't know that Americans spell pyjamas 'pajamas' until it was highlighted by the spellchecker 2 seconds ago...
They have a pleat running over each shoulder to add shaping.

Ok, hopefully I'll get a few more things churned out this week.  A couple of Halloween costumes would be nice - especially as my offspring have been avoiding all of my 'no sew' suggestions (what's wrong with wearing your jeans and a shirt and being a cowboy??  Tch.) 


  1. these are awesome! my three year old calls them jammamas

  2. It closes the wrong way... right over left is for dead people.