Three reversible tote bags made for three wonderful teachers three weeks ago...  What can I say?  These first three weeks of summer have been a long three weeks.  The eldest hamster passed away right at the start of it.  I was the one crying the longest and hardest.  Maybe a little too much, considering that when we found a dead rat in our yard (dropped by a passing bird of prey?) my kids' first reaction was to look at me worriedly and say, "you're not going to cry, are you mum?"
Even Independence Day ended in tears, having to rush our eldest dog to the Emergency Vet because he was having trouble with his breathing (he's home and doing better now).  I really need to sit him down and explain that he needs to work on improving his timing.  So far all urgent appointments for him have been held on holiday days: it wasn't easy finding a surgeon available on Memorial Weekend a few years back and so far this year it's been Christmas Day and the Fourth of July...  I might be crying a third time, once I check our bank balance...
So, three reversible tote bags - plus some English fudge - made as a little extra to go with the class gift.  
Totes because they've banned stores from giving out plastic bags around here, so you can not have too many totes.  
Reversible because I can not control the impulse to use apple theme fabric on a teacher's gift, but I can make it so that they can turn it inside out and not have to look at it...

I had less than three hours sleep last night, so I'll call it a day now.  There's lots of baseball practices and swimming lessons and free concerts and free movies at the beach and free movies at the park going on around here, but hopefully it won't be three weeks before I post next.  I'm making lots of progress on my crochet projects, for starters...


  1. Happy Fourth from one California Brit to another! Lovely totes - I bet the teachers were thrilled. Have a great summer!

  2. maybe you shouldn't let the dog see the calender........ maybe you should celebrate on an ordinary date... even book him an appointment before you start?
    have a good summer.
    it is still a washout here.

  3. I love the bags- and what a great idea to make them reversible so the teacher can go into non-apple mode whenever:)))) Lucky teachers- bet your fudge is wonderful- mine is always a failure. Hope you are staying cool in CA- we are suppossedly having a heat index reading today of 111 degrees-eeek!

  4. Lucky teachers! Lovely totes!

  5. Wow, I'm very impressed by the carrier bag ban - we're really falling behind on that one here in the UK - and the totes! Very sorry to hear about the hamster. As for the dog, do you think he might eat sweets or something on special occasions? (Chocolate's poisonous to dogs!) Or perhaps the excitement's just too much for him...

  6. oooo they are so lovely, well done you. Don't worry about the crying, I nearly blubbed sitting at my desk today because the children sounded so sweet, when they were practising their singing for the leavers assembly next week. I am a wuss !!

  7. Gorgeous totes. Why did I never get gifts like those when I was teaching?! I'd be the same with the apple themed fabrics by the way :D

  8. I had heard that you can't have plastic bags in some states. Wow! I'd need a bunch of totes! They bags are cute both inside and out!

  9. Lovely lovely lovely!!!!!

    Greetings from germany!