Quiet time

Why is the dog sleeping under the table?  Yeah, that might just be about the only place that he can find a quiet place to sleep this summer...  I know that I haven't been finding much quiet time for sewing.  The shirt that I have planned is yet to be cut out and has stayed that way for weeks.
Quick projects, like crayon rolls, seem to be about all that I can manage with the kids running about the place (made using my lazy crayon roll method).  
It didn't help that we were without a car for a few days.  In fact, the first half of the summer was just a run of bad luck, with one thing going wrong after another.  I would probably have forgotten my birthday if the people around me had not mentioned it.  The day still pretty much passed unnoticed, as we had already made plans for that day by accident, but it was a good day.  Yeah, birthdays feel different when you're older.  I've also noticed that bike seats were a lot more comfortable back in the day.  Thank goodness I've got the car back again now...
Oh, I did drag out the sewing machine for 5 minutes at the start of the summer - a quick flag bunting made out of a cheap multi-pack of little flags and some bias tape.  I know that I might give the impression that most of my sewing has a British slant, if any, but I will sometimes make something American for my half American family.  Actually, that's a lie.  This is probably the first American thing that I've made.  
Well, can you blame me?  My kids are growing up saying the Pledge of Allegiance in school and celebrating Independence Day.  Surely it's my job to make sure that there's some British heritage thrown into the mix, too.  Take our summer so far: lots of baseball, both little and big league... 
 and even a Civil War reenactment thrown in...

Thank goodness there's a trip home to England to address the balance.

Although, I must admit, if it wasn't for those long-sleeved dresses on a boiling hot day, that doesn't look a bad way to pass an afternoon...

Translation of the Day:
UK English: shagging = um, sexual intercourse in US English
I know that I've mentioned that one before, as apparently the Americans have some sort of swing dance known as the Shag.  Still, it made me look up from my crocheting when I heard my son's coach say 'shagging' during baseball practice.  

As far as I can tell, in US English: shagging =  practicing chasing and catching fly balls
A fly ball is a ball hit up in an arc.  Don't expect much more baseball knowledge from me - whenever I think that I have finally got a grasp of this game, they spring yet another new rule on me.  Imagine rounders, but with a longer bat and hundreds of additional rules...


  1. Oh goodness for a moment I thought it was going to be about what happened to the dog on your birthday as you said he was always unwell on special days.
    Hmmmm...maybe the dog is just shagged out!

    Weather gloriious here.

  2. Oh, but the seventh inning stretch ...I used to love going to baseball games. Didn't see much shagging but maybe I was looking the wrong way.

  3. Under the table looks shady too. Just the right spot for a siesta.....

  4. I love the picture of the sewing circle, but the dresses and petticoat would absolutely make me melt on a hot day. Glad you have your car back. It's a challenge to be out and about without one.

  5. Always good to catch up on your news. I, too, would have looked up if the term "shagging" was thrown around... especially in front of children!! ...hmm just thinking, the English terminology has rubbing off on me! I seem to recall asking my DH what the term shag meant when I first moved over 11 years ago...in Canada it is a term for a rug! LOL