More beads

Finished the copy of my grandmother-in-law's necklace.  This picture will probably be the only time that I'll ever wear it, as, apart from my wedding ring, I don't tend to wear jewellery.  My daughter, meanwhile, loves it.  She wore it to school on 'accessories day'.  On hat day she wore a sombrero, mind - of course: her taste is the opposite to mine.  Despite her hands being miniature versions of mine, I still have days when I wonder whether there wasn't a switch made at the hospital at birth... 
I wasn't ready to put the bead loom away, so next up was a copy of DottyCookie's beaded Union flag:   
I'm thinking that, what with the Jubilee and the Olympics, I should have an easier time than normal of picking up Brit-themed things during my visit this summer. My husband has yet to comment / notice, but I'm busy creating a little Britain in our house.  The pictures are mostly British landscapes.  British themed accessories have been snuck in.  I don't know if it helps with homesickness, but I'm busy creating my own corner of a foreign field that is for ever England...   


  1. I'm so impressed with your beadwork! Thank goodness your daughter will wear it, it would be a shame to keep it hidden away in a drawer or something. And really it's part of the trend these days, I'm seeing Native American influences everywhere.

  2. Been catching up with you (I DO like the new blog banner!) and fear not, everywhere is stuffed with union jacks (though many are made in China and tacky beyond belief).

    Love your copy of the necklace - couldn't you convince yourself that it's more of a scarf than jewellery and wear it anyway? Hope the beading is therapeutic - poor dog.

  3. Love your beaded union jack. Hope you've got your bunting up for this weekend. Both us and the neighbour have it draping from the upstairs windows...looks so festive! What you don't have that we have, unfortunately, is typical British bank holiday weekend weather ...yuk!

  4. Oh yeah, you can't move in the shops for union jack themed things. You will just love the union jack deeply boppers that seem to be popular. Sainsburys in Cheltenham has the Olympics stuff. Accessorize has the works as well. Your daughter will love it!