KCWC Day One

KCWC got off to a bit of a slow start this morning: it took my going to three stores to find the leftover Easter chocolates that I had been craving.  The day is rapidly approaching when all the stores will have all sold out - gulp.  My precious sewing minutes were quickly disappearing, but finally I found the chocolate supplies needed for a bit of sewing.
So, day one of KCWC: a wearable muslin dress.  A couple of years ago I made the little floral print dress below for my daughter, but these days it's a tad too short, so it was time to come up with a bigger version, with a bit of room to grow.  This spotty fabric was nice and cheap, so perfect for a bit of pattern drafting (I found some more of the flower fabric, so she might be getting another one in her near future).  The dress is lined, with a zipper up the back, as, despite my irrational fear of zippers, my sewing machine keeps chewing up buttonholes lately, so they scare me more. 
Translation of the day:
UK English: Bloody hell! = expression of dismay / disgust / shock etc. in US English.  Do you guys say freaking hell?  That's probably the closest translation that I can think of.

It's a mild expletive, in that I would have had a clip around my ear for using it as a child, but now I can say it in front of my mum... or my neighbours... as I might have done yesterday when I dropped a gallon of milk on the street and the container broke, spraying milk everywhere.  I would just like to say that yes, it was 'bloody hell!' I said rather loudly, NOT a rather ruder expletive, as my husband accused me of saying.  Hopefully my neighbours aren't under the same misapprehension...  


  1. Nice frock, I'm guessing mini-eggs may have had a hand in the inspiration stage of production. I admire you for doing KCW, I never seem to get around to being that organised.
    I like to procrastinate as much as possible before doing anything, but never considered consumption of said eggs to be on the list of things to do before committing scissors to cloth, but I will now! And if I'd dropped all that milk on the floor, bloody hell would just have been the start. Isn't it amazing just how much splatter this things can produce? I still have a mark on the kitchen ceiling from the last time that happened here .......

  2. bloody freaking hell - why cry over spilled milk when you can curse about it instead!! :)
    i always love the frocks you sew up for your daughter - awesome fabric choices!

  3. I like how the translation of the day is perfect for late night kcwc sewing!

  4. Omg these dresses are amazing!