KCWC Days 5 & 6 & round up

It's been a busy few days, what with soccer sign ups, birthday parties, present shopping for the most awkward to buy for child in the world, passport applications etc. so I think that this will be the last thing that gets made this week.  The shirt was made on Friday, the chicken scratch embroidery was done on Saturday (at a birthday party - yes, I am a little ashamed that I was that anti-social...). 
It was my first attempt at chicken scratch.  I rather like it.  I was tempted to put designs all over the shirt, having to remind myself that I tend to like clothes on the plain side and less is more and whathaveyou.
I was not so keen on the fabric, mind.  It's nice and gauzy to wear, but it's a pain to sew.
So, all in all, probably not one of my most productive KCWCs, but it did get me sewing again.  I don't know why I had been shying away from the machine in recent months, but it did feel good to get back in the, um, saddle.  Hmm, hadn't notice the blue theme for the week until now...
Ok, I had better get going and do some laundry.  Thanks Meg for getting me out of my rut.  Take care all,

KCWC Days 3 and 4

So, I slackened off the pace a bit: had to do some housework, after all... AND book our flights for a trip home!!  Yep, just mildly happy about that one (the trip, not the housework...).  Parting with the money was painful (please, please don't make me have to throw any money at the house / rust bucket that I drive / my elderly dogs any time soon...), but once it was finalised I felt like skipping around the house.  What I did do was add the final stitches to this little beach top for my son.
Pretty much just a remake of this one, which would still fit just fine, if my dear husband hadn't put it in the hot wash by accident...  I skipped the drawstring this time, and I did make it a little bigger.  Um, French seams, lined hood, front pocket and that's about it.  

He's happy.  Plus, I feel less guilty now that he's been made something new this week.
Translation of the day:
UK English: put paid to = put an end to / finish off in US English

As in, The high fares for flights to Britain put paid to any plans my kids had for attending college...

KCWC Day Two

This was ironed after I made it, I swear.  Then, as I was about to take the pictures, I got a phone call - and my daughter disappeared off to play...  Oh well, given that she was tad reluctant to model for me today, I'll take what I can get.  
Day two's effort is a dress for school.  Our school district requires uniforms, which makes mornings much easier.  It's not as strict as uniform policies were in my youth back home - here it's more along the lines of dress / skirt / shorts / trousers in navy / white and t-shirts / shirts with a collar.  Back in the dark ages we grew up having to wear a blouse and tie to school...  Anyway, being stuck unable to do the laundry because of a power outage last week made me realise that she could do with a few more uniform items, though, so here's a navy dress.  She'll wear a blouse or t-shirt under it when she wears it to school.
Yep, another plain dress, with a zipper back and full lining...  Sorry.  Plans for tomorrow do not include a dress, I promise.
Still, she's happy with the wee pocket.

I'd better post this while I can, as my internet browser keeps crashing on me.  I blame the gamer in the family...

KCWC Day One

KCWC got off to a bit of a slow start this morning: it took my going to three stores to find the leftover Easter chocolates that I had been craving.  The day is rapidly approaching when all the stores will have all sold out - gulp.  My precious sewing minutes were quickly disappearing, but finally I found the chocolate supplies needed for a bit of sewing.
So, day one of KCWC: a wearable muslin dress.  A couple of years ago I made the little floral print dress below for my daughter, but these days it's a tad too short, so it was time to come up with a bigger version, with a bit of room to grow.  This spotty fabric was nice and cheap, so perfect for a bit of pattern drafting (I found some more of the flower fabric, so she might be getting another one in her near future).  The dress is lined, with a zipper up the back, as, despite my irrational fear of zippers, my sewing machine keeps chewing up buttonholes lately, so they scare me more. 
Translation of the day:
UK English: Bloody hell! = expression of dismay / disgust / shock etc. in US English.  Do you guys say freaking hell?  That's probably the closest translation that I can think of.

It's a mild expletive, in that I would have had a clip around my ear for using it as a child, but now I can say it in front of my mum... or my neighbours... as I might have done yesterday when I dropped a gallon of milk on the street and the container broke, spraying milk everywhere.  I would just like to say that yes, it was 'bloody hell!' I said rather loudly, NOT a rather ruder expletive, as my husband accused me of saying.  Hopefully my neighbours aren't under the same misapprehension...  

Sometimes it's best not to procrastinate doing the laundry

Yep, another basket.  I was rather fond of the first one, plus I did have more scraps of yarn in search of a home.  The next step had to be spending a week or so searching for more of the discontinued bulky yarn in local outlets (although it turns out that my husband is annoyingly reluctant to travel 5 measly minutes out of our way for me to check yet another store - most unhelpful).  I eventually admitted defeat and tried online: success.  I think that I found the last remaining store to stock it. 
It's not as though any sewing was going to get done, anyway: the offspring had a week off school, so we packed up the car and headed off to Vegas.  Not my favourite place in the world (especially now that my kids are old enough to read the various billboards...), but my mother-in-law lives there.  The weather was gorgeous, mind.
I just wish that I had done the week's laundry before we left.  Or the moment we got back.  It turns out that if you procrastinate and leave it until the evening before school starts back up, you might return from a baseball game to find the power is out.  Ah.  Then you might spend the next day at the E.R. (A & E) with your husband (he's doing fine now).  Oh.  Luckily the kids' school uniforms are navy...

Is it wrong that I rather enjoyed getting to peacefully do a bit of crocheting while waiting about in the casualty dept.?

Oh, I've started a twitter account.  I just have no idea how to use it yet.  It started off with my wanting to to get updates on some rugby stuff.  Then I wasted an hour or so bouncing about looking at what people have written (I felt like I was stalking some people by reading their updates.  I suppose that reading blogs is not all that different, but when the person is famous, I kept fighting the urge to say to them - tweet them? - "don't you know that some of your fans might be nuts?").
Then I got unnerved by 5 'people' following me before I had even twittered(?) anything.  Ok, so they were sites, that presumably want me to follow them back (and I've already had to block an adult site - got to love the internet...), but one of them was the Rugby Football Union, which I was already following.  Hmmm.  Now I'm feeling pressured to start tweeting them with team list suggestions and how I think that a running game is more effective.  Presumably they will unfollow me once they realise that I am more likely to twitter absolute drivel...

Anyway, I'm @UK_lass_in_UK.  The sad thing is that I am not altogether too sure how to link to me, but I think that this is my profile page: https://twitter.com/#!/UK_lass_in_US.  Is it?  And yes, it's true, I still do not own a cell phone (mobile)...

OK, time to start thinking up what I want to make for Kids' Clothes Week Challenge next week (I'm not quite ready for hash tags yet, but tweeters can use #KCWC, apparently).  Catching up on blog reading might have to wait a little longer.

Bit of a boring post, I'm afraid

:: Been doing taxes.  70% of that time was spent looking for the paperwork that I had put in a 'safe place' during the previous year. 
:: Been making window coverings.  Decided that shutters are not in our budget since the Christmas Day vet visit, so these will have to do.
:: Window coverings are really awkward to photograph.
:: Especially when you are trying to hide the kids' fingerprints that are all over the windows...
:: Finally hung some photographs in the kids' bathroom.
:: Those are the only two grey rooms in my house.  Promise.
:: Husband spent some time in the doghouse after bringing home unannounced this cute hamster.
:: Started a Facebook campaign to give away said hamster.  Met only with shadenfreude.  Discovered that many of my so-called 'friends' took great delight in my misfortune, but none wanted to provide him with a loving home (mentions of pet snakes and famous people rumoured to have taken a fancy to rodents did  flood my wall, mind).  
:: Still, soon fell in love with the little boy hamster.
:: Just like I did the girl hamster that my husband brought home a few months back...  I now have two cages to clean.  The kids are under strict instructions to not let the two hamsters meet up.  Wondering whether I can get my husband blacklisted at local pet shops.  Also need to work on maintaining a grudge.

:: Received a gorgeous package of goodies from Jackie, that included these two stunning papercuttings.  Yep, papercuttings!  The detail is amazing, even more so than it appears in photos.  I love the subtle texture.  Thanks, Jackie!
:: Making the most of the last few days of mini eggs.

Spring break next week.  Wish me luck.