Yarn in search of a project

Despite having accumulated a rather large collection of fabric, almost every fabric piece was bought with a project in mind.  I'll sometimes change my mind about the project or the fabric choice, but more often the fabric is just sitting waiting for that project to reach the top of my to-do list.  

For some reason yarn is different (especially when found in overstock stores).  I will come across a couple of balls of yarn, often barely enough to scrounge a hat out of, and all it will take is a certain colour / texture combination for me to find these scraps of yarn in my basket.  Then when I get home the task of finding a project for the yarn begins.  Most projects get discarded straight off, as I won't have enough yarn to complete them.  Often I'll have to remind myself that there are only so many finger-less mitts that someone living in California can get around to wearing...

So there I was, 3 hanks of a super-bulky discontinued wool blend in hand, searching for a project.  I finally whittled it down to a market bag or a basket.  The basket won.  2 rugby games later and this was the result:
(Needless to say, they weren't England's matches - my full concentration is needed for their games.  Luckily my kids don't seem to have realised that they could get into all sorts of mischief and I wouldn't probably notice until half-time...)  I used the same pattern as I used for a much smaller basket years back.  The pattern has been moved about a bit since then, but I finally found it again here.  The bulky yarn did mean fewer rounds in the base and I made the sides straight up, so that I can change the position of the fold-over. 
I think that it's perfect for holding my collection of yarns in search of a project.

No Translation of the Day today, I'm afraid: I'm too tired.  A poor night's sleep followed by my forgetting that Britain has not changed their clocks yet got me up an hour earlier than needed for kick-off.  Pah. 


  1. Ah, but at least England won! We're Brits formerly of California now living in Paris - doing our best to educate the American ex-pats we hang out with of the wonderful ways of Rugby. Very satisfying basket too. Win, win!

  2. What a great use of bulky yarn. You made a pretty big basket, perfect for keeping yarn balls in sight.

  3. Embarrassingly, I don't even know when we do change our clocks.

    Glad I'm not the only one with orphan balls of wool floating about. And just think, now you've used some up, you can buy some more!

  4. yes, i have had to make this my mantra the last couple of years...DO NOT BUY any yarn, fabric, paper, craft tool, pattern book, etc. unless you plan to actually COMPLETE something with it!!! great job completing your project! and boo hiss on the time change.

  5. My sister was in Paris watching the match! Beautiful basket! All your projects look amazing!

  6. I have lots of yarn that is still searching for projects as well...
    That is a great use for your wonder-full basket ;)