Busy procrastinating

I'm busy procrastinating. I have a couple of projects that I want to get done, but it just seems too, well, awkward to finish them right now. It never seems to be the right time to work on them. The truth, though, is that they are not particularly complicated and I could probably find the time. So what is the hold up? I think that it might be that they all involve zippers...Now I have put in zippers before - and they have never given me any issues. I wouldn't even say that I am 'scared' of zippers. Yet projects with zippers always seem to need those extra few days of psyching myself up beforehand. No, I don't know why, either.So while I have been avoiding those projects, I've been fiddling about with a couple of procrastination projects for my daughter's room instead:I wonder if the Union flag will change if Scotland votes itself out of the U.K.? It will look a bit plain without the blue of St Andrew's Cross.The cushion is normal size - it's the toy dog that is giant.

Translation of the day:
UK English: spotted dick = a steamed suet pudding containing dried fruit in US English
This one only came to mind as my husband has just bought his boss a badge saying 'I heart spotted dick'. That probably gives you a good idea of the standard of my husband's humour - and why I usually leave him in the car when I go to the import store for food...


  1. The project in the first photo looks very interesting! I can't wait to see what they are when you have finished them.

  2. Hahaha! I heart your spotted dick translation!

  3. Sweet Nelly! I'd forgotten how smitten I am with sashiko embroidery! Did you get those from Purl Soho? That kind of embroidery looks so fun and meditative!
    spotted dick - Sweet Nelly again. That is hilarious, can't wait to share with my boys. I know, I know, probably inappropriate but they will think that is funny.

  4. oh, and i meant to tell you i have the same zipper phobia or whatever you want to call it.

  5. The bunting looks adorable! ;o)

    I know what you means though the Union Jack without the blue...that would be like the American flag without the stars...just weird. :o)

  6. The best way to put in a zip - no per ;-) - is to tack it in place first. this is not only an extra step from just sewing, but you have to find your tacking thread and a suitable hand needle in the rubble on your desk. Therefore advance preparation is required.

    We won't discuss looking for one's thimble for days and buying another one only to find the original one in a drawer it shouldn't have been in!

  7. I had not thought about the colour of the flag changing. I wonder if it will happen.

  8. Can I add a translation? UK English: zip = US English: zipper. You've obviously been there too long!

  9. is that a sake puppets sashiko kit?? I love her stuff!!!

    1. No, I bought the sashiko stuff at a local Japanese fabric store, but I think that quite a few places are beginning to sell sashiko embroidery things.