I'm a failure

Thank you ever so much for the advice on which frock to wear to the wedding. I did wear the patterned dress - and felt much more comfy wearing it thanks to your lovely comments. There are no pictures, sorry: my husband never thinks to record the historic occasion of my wearing a dress. I am in several of the official photographs, mind... pulling some awful expressions... Oh well.

Anyway, I have come to the conclusion that I am a failure. No, not because I haven't blogged in weeks (months?). I pretty much always do that each summer. Partly because my days are filled with creating memories for the kids, and partly because they start to wind each other up something awful by the end of the long break and need supervision if we are to avoid things coming to blows...

No, I think that I am a failure at being a girl.

The facts:

1. Someone suggested that I wear my hair up at the wedding and I realised that I would have no clue how to do that. A ponytail is about my limit.

2. I only wear make up on occasions where I feel that it will be more noticeble that I am not wearing make up - such as a wedding.

3. I am convinced that I look like a racoon when I apply make up, but photos of the event make it look like I am not wearing any.

4. Oh, and the make up that I have is so old that the applicator sponge / brush things started to disintegrate on me when I tried to use them.

5. By make up, I pretty much just mean eye shadow.

6. I wear jeans and t-shirts almost daily, unless it is summer. In summer I switch the jeans for shorts.

7. I know how many times I have worn a dress in the almost 10 years that I have been married (8 times).

8. 'Styling' my hair consists of my straightening it every morning... and that's it.

9. My beauty routine is: wash face with soap and water.

10. I have no idea how to conceal the dark circles under my eyes caused by staying up for online rugby games with a 1.30am kick-off (who on earth chose New Zealand to be the hosts for the World Cup, anyway??)

That all seems pretty pathetic for a woman in her mid-thirties.

Now, I don't plan on wearing make up daily or anything like that, but I have been thinking that it might be time for things to be a little bit more girly over here. So far progress has been limited to buying a denim skirt (ok, it has attached shorts underneath, but that's just practical when you have kids) and wearing it several times this summer - with wedge sandals! Ooh, I also bought a dress... that I, um, chopped the bottom off to make it into a top... but it's quite a feminine knotted top... That counts, right?

Still, I have a few ideas (ah, Pinterest... http://pinterest.com/uklassinus/clothes/) for sewing a few shirts and maybe dresses for myself. I just hope that you don't mind if I'm asking you lot for styling tips every now and then.

It's time for my sewing machine to come out of its summer hibernation.

Now something that I am far too excited about is that I have finally got a craft space. Don't go envisioning one of those beautifully styled craft rooms. I live in a Californian home with no basement or spare room and kids that are best kept in separate bedrooms. My craft space is a secretary desk from Ikea (I wonder if I would love their furniture so much if I didn't get to put it together?):
Open the top and I have a sewing surface - much better than the corner of the dining table, methinks!The notions and whatnot have their space, too:
All that was left was to find a spot for the fabric that was stuck on the shelves in my bedroom. Out came two low boxes to go under the window and my fabric hoarding habit is helpfully hidden from general view... I'm a happy girl.

Translation of the day:

UK English: rugger (informal) = rugby in US English.

If you have never watched rugby, it is a form of football, played with an oval ball, but is a much better version than what Americans call football: not so much stopping and starting for starters. There's a World Cup going on right now and America are fielding a team, but TV coverage in this country is pitiful. So go on, check out the American team on cable. Maybe if the ratings are good enough they might want to screen some of the games of the other teams, like, oh, England, next World Cup...