It has a silver lining

Kids' Clothes Week Challenge has begun! The making of this little short-sleeved dress for my daughter was greatly aided by my not being needed to volunteer in my son's class this morning, as it is a State testing week. I did still help out in my daughter's class in the afternoon, mind, and believe me, those kindergartners were full of beans today. So don't expect much in the way of photos - she was not in the mood for standing still...
I made up the pattern. It's just a fairly simple fully-lined dress, with a zipper /button loop fastening and a wee pocket.Like I said, she wasn't wanting to stand still today. She is still wearing it, though, which I take to be her stamp of approval.She lost her first tooth last week. There was much agonising over whether she wanted to give her first tooth to the tooth fairy - and what will the fairy be doing with her tooth, anyway? By much agonising, I do mean a discussion that lasted well over 3 hours... A new little tooth bag helped her decide. Then her brother lost a tooth that same day, so there was a little bit of hurried sewing going on in order to finish them both by bedtime. I used this idea, but didn't have the tutorial to hand, so it's my own dimensions and stitching etc. Meanwhile, my offspring were doing a little crafting of their own: bookmarks for their teachers, for the final day of teacher appreciation week. My son did the embroidery, while my daughter made a woven one, the end of which you can see below (it was a struggle to find a decent picture from the handful I took at the last minute the evening before).Hopefully I'll be keeping up with the KCWC each day, but my mother-in-law is in town and we're down to one car, since my brother-in-law broke his hand and his car in an accident yesterday. There's still the aftermath of watching his kids to clean up (he had a long wait at the ER), plus family dinners and the like are being planned. We'll see.
Ok, I had better go - it's time I put the kids to bed. Take care, all.


  1. They make them into pearls, the teeth, I think.

  2. Cute dress! Every year I plan to participate in KCWC, and every year life is insane for that week. Maybe next year?

  3. It sounds like you have had your hands full. I am so glad that your BIL is fine. Scary!!!

    I love the dress and the tooth fairy bag. The children did nice work for their teachers.

  4. i think your daughter must be the best dressed kid around!!

  5. Cute book marks! :)
    OMG it's KCWC again? So soon? I'm not ready!!! I'd love to do some this year... sigh. I think I need to give myself a kick in the pants!