Time flies

(Sorry about the weird spacing - blogger seems to have a mind of its own right now)Goodness, I didn't think that it was almost a month since my last post. Thank you for the suggestions for things to do in San Francisco and Sacramento. I carefully copied them down, then left the piece of paper at home next to the computer, along with the map. It's been one of those months. Still, I muddled by from memory.

So what have I been up to?

:: Entertain my visiting parents ✔

:: Visit San Francisco ✔

I'm striking the phrase 'what harm can it do?' from my vocabulary, after using it to suggest to my grouchy husband that the kids take a 5 minute break at the park behind city hall. Before I had even finished the sentence my daughter ran up, clutching her bloodied face. Her tooth had cut right through her lip... Not a public restroom in sight. I'm sorry if you were standing next to our bloodstained group on the bus back to our hotel.

:: Visit Sacramento
:: Bake birthday cake ✔
Yes, that is a rise you see there. I might have finally cracked it. It wasn't just using British ingredients from the import store, either - there's American sugar in that cake. Still, I think that Martha Stewart can rest easy, knowing that her job is safe for the now...

:: Celebrate son's 8th Birthday ✔

:: Something green for St Patrick's Day ✔
Bit of a last-minute-on-the-night-before effort here. They still had to wear their non-green school uniforms, but I didn't want to run the risk of them getting pinched.:: File taxes ✔
Although my brother-in-law showed up the day after with a form to do with my late grandmother-in-law's estate, so it looks like an amendment is in order.

:: School talent show ✔

:: Yet another car repair ✔

My husband thinks it is funny that, when I am driving his new-to-us automatic, I keep waving my hand out trying to find a non-existent gear stick... and turning on the windscreen washer when trying to find drive...

:: Cushion cover for my daughter's room ___

Still working on that one. Sharing the driving up North robbed me of precious crocheting time...

:: Paint rooms ___

Nope. I have been rearranging furniture and cleaning, though. Unfortunately grouchy husband has flatly refused to let me switch the dining room and living room furniture over. Back to the drawing board. Or find some other big, burly bloke to help me with the heavy lifting...

Hopefully I'll be posting again soon, but I had better get going. I have to find a place for the fridge, dining room table and the contents of the under the kitchen sink cabinet before grouchy husband gets home...


  1. "Get pinched"? Is that sanctioned over there on St Patrick's Day then?

    You are making me look bad with your list of achievements. All of mine have been on the not-terribly-useful crafting kind, though I have dug a LOT of beds on the allotment. And cut down most of the shrubs in our overgrown garden. Ugh.

  2. I hate that pinching tradition! Love your solution =)

  3. Impressive list, but I admit I'm mostly drawn to the cake...

  4. It doesn't sound like you like your husband very much.... but I really like your work.

  5. Love the hair pins! They are gorgeous. What is the pinching tradition? I don't think we do that here in Australia.

  6. Hehe, I'm also a car crocheter... but I don't drive ;-)

  7. Ah, the old 'tooth through the lip' trick. My daughter has also done that - they bleed a lot, don't they? She had a fat lip for about a week, too, so no-one was allowed to forget what she had done. As I remember, it was a birthday special. She likes to have some kind of injury or disease on her special day. Apart from that, you've been busy, although those husbands are a pain in the arse when it comes to furniture re-arranging. Mine always complains, so now I do it all by myself while he is at work so at least he can't complain about the heavy lifting. :)