'Tis the season #4: Not too Tutu tutorial

Do you remember this tutu? The not-so-flouncy-as-a-knotted-tutu version of a tutu? Well, the daughters of those lasses that asked for a tutorial may well have packed their bags and disappeared off to college by now, but I made some more tutus this week, so I have finally got around to writing down the instructions for you...
For approx. a 2 - 6 year old child: here goes...
You will need:
- to ask yourself why on earth you are not just making the really easy knotted version instead
- no, seriously...
- 1 ½ yards white tulle
- 2 yards of coloured tulle
- a strip of fabric for the waistband measuring 26" by 4"
- elastic for the waistband
- scissors, needle and thread
- safety pin
- iron
1. Fold the strip of waistband fabric in half lengthwise (along line A in diagram) and iron in the crease
2. Fold the bottom edge (D) up to that crease (line A) and iron in the crease (line B)
3. Fold the top edge (E) down to line A and iron in the crease (line C)
You have now made your waistband. Set it aside.

4. This is the fiddly part that will have you wishing that you had just made a knotted version instead. Fold the white tulle in half lengthwise, then fold each half into thirds, accordion style, as shown:
See, tulle is really annoying to fold. Now the knotted version is starting to look rather appealing, isn't it? Still, the fiddly part is over now.
5. Pin along the top edge, then sew 2 lines of basting stitches between ¼" and ½" from the top edge.
6. Knot the two threads together at one end, then ease the tulle along the basting threads towards the knot, gathering it together, until the top edge measures 24". Knot the other end of the two threads to secure it and set aside.
7. Cut the coloured tulle in half lengthwise, discard one half, then fold the other half into thirds lengthwise.
8. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the coloured tulle.
9. Lay the white tulle over the coloured tulle, lining up the top gathered edges and overlapping the side ends by an inch or two (so that when the waistband is later joined, the edges of the tulle are staggered). Open the waistband fabric up and lay it right side down on top of the tulle, lining up top edge E with the top edge of the tulle and pin. There should be a slight overhang at either end. Starting an inch or two in (X) from the side edge of the tulle (S), sew along crease C until you are an inch or two from the other edge of the tulle (Y)
10. As you would with bias tape, fold the waistband up (along crease C) over the edge of the tulle, refold at crease (crease B) and pin it to the side with the coloured tulle.
11. Join the two side edges, so that the waistband forms a circle, overlapping the edges of the tulle and the waistband by an inch or two, and pin so that the the top edges of the tulle are secured within the waistband.
12. Hand stitch the outside of the waistband (along crease B) to the side with the coloured tulle and along the overlap of the waistband, leaving a 2" gap for the elastic.
13. Hook a safety pin to one end of the elastic and slide it through the waistband. Holding the ends of the elastic together, pull until the waist of the tutu is the desired size, then sew the ends of the elastic together.
14. Hand stitch the 2" gap closed.
15. Wonder why one earth you didn't just do the no-sew knotted version...
Still, it adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the school uniform... Don't tell my daughter, but she's getting one identical to the red one up top. This purple one is destined for a 2 year old, so the waist is a little smaller.
Scrooge has let me put the Christmas tree up at last. I've found myself making a few more ornaments, even though I really do not have the time. I can't remember where I first saw the yarn-wrapped cone trees idea, but I found the cones that I had squirreled away months ago and dug out the yarn scraps basket:
Then I came across this felt dove ornament tutorial and out came the felt scraps basket. A few other felt strips ornaments were added into the mix:
That is the point when I realised that I had better hurry up if I plan on presents making it back to England in time for Christmas. Hopefully it will be a productive weekend...
Ok, off to bed - it's time I got some kip.
Translation of the day:
UK English: kip = sleep in US English


  1. My elder daughter has requested a Bollywood costume - don't suppose you could whip up a tutorial for that?

    Love the woolly trees.

  2. i love this, it turns out so lovely i'm sure it's worth all the hassle to get there!

  3. love the felt xmas ornaments - so pretty! Hope you had a good kip (that's one we use down under as well :-) xxx

  4. Thank you for the tutorial. I made my daughter a purple knotted tutu last week in readiness for xmas parties but, whilst it was fun to make, it just looked too over the top (and is now stashed away in the dressing up box for next halloween). Your cute tutu is much more wearable.

  5. Alas our tutu days are over here - my son wore one daily until he was three and his father suggested it might be a good time to stop. Did you make the little santa too? Super cute!

  6. I have to admit that I have been visiting your blog for quite some time, but I don't think I've ever said 'hi!' before, apologies! I thought it would be bad manners not to this time as I'm in the middle of making a fabric house (ready for Christmas - argh!). Thanks so much for the link to the Dove Ornament tutorial, my dilemma now is how to find time to make some ready for the arrival of the tree?!
    It's below zero again in old Blighty, although sod's law dictates that it'll warm up for Christmas and it'll be grey and drizzly again!
    Thanks again!

    a-m x

  7. Love it! My daughter wanted me to show her different skirts for me to make her. I showed her A BUNCH. She choose this one and No Man's Land pettiskirt.

  8. I love the felt scrap ornaments! And I imagine both my daughters would love those tutus. Maybe for somebody's fifth birthday...

  9. I like your decorations... the cones and the felt creations. The forest of cones is really cool :)

  10. What a fun little tutu! And a nice litte tutu-orial. :)

  11. I love this tutu!!! Thanks for your super simple turorial... I am definitely thinking that a couple of these would be perfect under the Xmas tree for my girls this year...

    Thanks again - Jodie :)

  12. I don't think a tutu could ever be too tutu. Aren't Meg's ornaments the coolest.

  13. these handmade ornaments are the prettiest !!
    and the tutus are adorable... i wish I had been able to sew when my daughter was younger... now it might be too late for tutus ( she's 11) ? I'll have to ask her :)

  14. This is a full post I have been looking alot recently thought I would commen t and say Hi love your blog.

    Have a fabby & creative New Year

    Love Dawn xx

  15. I love your blog, I'm a UK lass in the UK doing my first blog and have added you to my list of inspiring blogs, hope this is ok