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I've been really busy, um, well, procrastinating lately, so I haven't got any of the handmade Christmas gifts to show you yet. Instead, here's a fabric barn I made a few weeks back.I made this one for these people (I can't wait for this book to come out - I have a bad habit of buying wee bits of sale fabric...). There are some people who have been busy, though. There have been lots of fabric dollhouses added to the UK lass in US flickr group lately: 1. Home Sweet Home, 2. Fabric Barn, 3. farmhouse front, 4. Travel Doll House with People
1. Fabric Dollhouse, 2. Fabric playhouse, 3. fronthouse, 4. Inside
1. Dollhouse, 2. Fabric dollhouses 3. Country cottage, 4. Dollhouse
1. Dollhouse, 2. casinha, 3. Fabric barn, 4. Open the door......
Wow. Please post a picture there if you do make one using the tutorial. I am loving seeing all of the different ideas.
Here are a couple of links to other ones that aren't in the flickr group:
Tiny pink cottage
Spotty dollhouse
Little yellow house
Blue cottage
Yellow dollhouse
Fairy garden
Rally the troops
A couple of people have asked how long they take to make. Well, I'm pretty slow at sewing and they tend to take me about 2 evenings (ie. after the kids go to bed). I prep and cut the first evening, then sew it the second. The size is pretty compact, so you might want to enlarge the pattern. As long as the height is shorter than the width, you will be able to construct it the same way. Otherwise you'll have to make it in one piece (ie. sew the cross shape out of a single piece of fabric). Hmm, I can't remember what other questions have been asked, but feel free to email me at UKLassInUS@gmail.com if you do have any questions - or if you want to make them to sell to others.
Translation of the day:
UK English: sultana = golden raisin (larger than currants, but smaller than normal raisins) in US English
There probably isn't a great distinction between the 3 types of dried grapes, but that didn't stop me from searching my supermarket shelf in vain for sultanas. Nope, didn't get around to baking my Christmas Cake yet...


  1. I love your barn! I think I'm going to make one of these for my little guy, and my sister-in-law put in a request for a doll house for her daughter. We love this pattern! Congratulations on the book.

  2. Your barn is so cute!

    I think sultanas taste way different from the typical US kind. Amazon grocery sells them if you really want the proper kind for your cake...

  3. Oh my goodness - these are so cute. It's on my to-do list. I love, love this tutorial!

  4. it's hard to get all the projects done, much or less day-to-day tasks during the holidays.

    your barn is super dandy!

    maybe you can purchase sultanas online?

  5. These are so cute! You definitely came up with a winner for an excellent handmade toy. I made one for my daughter for Christmas and haven't posted a picture but it looks a lot like your original dollhouse. Thanks for showing me how to make these!

  6. I'm supposed to be making two more for my little ones by Christmas. Better go and switch the machine on then!!!

  7. Oh, how fun it is to see my houses here on your blog! I loved the tutorial and making the houses. Thank you again for sharing!
    The small one was a bear to do because it was harder to fit in the machine (I reduced the pattern by half). I think it took me about 3-4 hours. It also has an added porch roof with yellow fuzziness.
    The regular one went together in about 1-1/2 hours. I just sewed through the plastic canvas with my machine and it didn't balk.

  8. Wow! I love the handbag style. How handy for a kid to carry around the sweet little house. I really need to make one one of these days.

  9. I love love love this tutorial.
    I started making one, got very near to the end and realised I had forgot to add the elastic for closing it all up!
    But I am going to do it again because they are fab.

  10. This is on my to do list. A few weeks back a friend sent CT some peg people. They have a pouch for going out in but I think they would love a house for while they are at home. :D

  11. These are so cute! I've finally found a sewing blog I enjoy. Thanks!

  12. I have bookmarked your tutorial to make some of these up for my kids after the holidays. They are fantastic and so creative!!

  13. if only my daughter were younger....I would SO make her one.....but I can come by and *sigh* and relish the little lovelies.

  14. I just popped over here from a link on Sew Mama Sew...

    I absolutely LOVE this idea! I'm going to bookmark this post for future reference.


  15. Hello...it's me...the one with the misbehaving stuffed house. It wasn't a problem with the instructions so much as the person making the house...which would be me. I am so glad you shared it with us and I love looking at all the different interpretations.

  16. oh my gosh these are such a great idea!!

  17. i really am going to need to make one of these. tagmarked your tutorial the minute i saw it, but, um, i am pretty busy all year round with procrastinating, so, um, haven't managed to try it. maybe i'll do one for ellie's birthday in april... yeah, april, that sounds good! so fun, really!

  18. I LOVE the barn!! I had the sultana, raisin, currant debate in the supermarket the other day .....

  19. Hi,
    Not commented before as I was worried my recipient would spot me and my house surprise ruined!! :-)
    Thank you for the pattern I have made 6 for Christmas gifts. And I love your blog. I'm off to upload my pics to the flicker gp.
    Thanks again

  20. You know Popsicle stick people are fun to play with! all you have to do is get plain (or colored) Popsicle sticks and color little faces and clothes! My siblings love them!

  21. very , very beautiful! thank you for the tutorial!


  22. Parabens pelo lindo trabalho!!!!
    Muito lindas....

  23. This is a great idea! I love it! It is on my project list as soon as I start sewing again! Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial with us. You are very talented!

  24. cette maison est vraiment jolie.
    je ne parle pas anglais et je ne le lis pas non plus.
    quand je traduis la page , je ne comprend pas tout.
    je voulais savoir comment vous cousez les murs de la maison ensemble.
    et pour les coudre le faites vous endroit contre endroit et vous retourner votre travail avant d'enfiler les morceaux de plastiques???


  25. Thanks so much for posting your tutorial. I can't wait to make this for my daughter and maybe even for my nieces and kids of friends in the future, too. I have just started learning how to sew and have only done a few projects. Can anyone give me a ballpark idea of how much the materials cost in US dollars to make one fabric dollhouse?

  26. This so beautiful... I was actually looking for a pattern made on canvas specifically and saw the pic from google... I came to your blog and now I'm heading to the fabric store.... Its so cute, i wish i had more time to do projects like this...
    if you like to crochet I have a blog too...

  27. Copiei o modelo da caixa casinha, achei linda. Vou fazer para carregar a Lilí minha boneca fantoche. Obrigada por compartilhar!!!
    Faça uma visita em meu blog, tem muitas histórias infantis.

  28. Have I already said these houses are sooo cute? No? Ok, now I did :) And it´s true, they are quite easy to make. If you like, you could have a little peek at the one I did for my 2-year-old at http://elawensfadensalat.blogspot.com/2012/02/ein-neues-zuhause.html
    I´m not quite finished yet due to work, but it goes on. Thanks so much for sharing this idea!