30 day photography challenge

Orange Flower has organised a 30 day macro photography challenge (blogged here: http://orangeflower.typepad.com/orange_flower/2008/03/30-day-photogra.html), which has given me a great excuse to play around with my new camera (and to wonder why there are quite so many grasshoppers in my garden - in addition to the two posted, I have a pic of a little green chap, too...). Here's the photos that I have posted so far (you can see the larger versions at http://www.flickr.com/photos/uklassinus/):There have been some absolutely stunning photos posted in the challenge's flickr group (found at http://www.flickr.com/groups/macro_challenge/pool/). It's well worth a look around.

Now I'm not sure that this really qualifies as a translation of the day, but I recently purchased the Chutes and Ladders board game to play with my kids.
UK English: Snakes and Ladder = Chutes and Ladders in US English
For any English folks wondering, in the American game you slide down a playground slide rather than a snake. Perhaps American children were considered too delicate to have snakes in their board games? My problem with this, though, was trying to explain to my kids that the object of the game is to climb the ladders, not squeal with delight whenever they got to go down a slide...


  1. love your series of photos...all lovely nature shots. and thats funny about chutes and ladders...you know, i think we are more delicate here in the US...we post warning signs all over everything to further try and prevent us from harm. and did you know that swings are now banned in some cities here because a child was once hurt on one...

    i would love to see your Snakes and ladders...could you post a photo of it? i find it very funny and very interesting.

  2. Beautiful photos.

    I just saw that I was tagged. Thanks so much for the you make my day award. You've made my day by stopping by my blog too. I'll have to think about 7 things about myself that anyone might find remotely interesting. LOL!

  3. Your pictures are really amazing. I'm researching what camera to buy at the moment (it will probably take me a million years before I decide) but I think I can just about stretch to a Nikon D40!