Advice wanted

I wanted to have a quick go at crocheting in a circle, instead of rows, so I had a go at this sweet mushroom pattern (found here: The reason why I wanted to have a go at crocheting in a circle is this:My great-grandma crocheted this wee blanket. I love that my kids have played on a blanket made by their great-great grandma. That I laid them on it as babes, just as I was laid on it as a babe. In fact, I took up my friend's offer to teach me the basics of crochet, as I wanted there to be someone who could make wee blankets for the next few generations to come.

The problem is that there are now a couple of holes like this:I'm hoping that I can find some matching yarn and repair these holes. It might be easiest to remove the individual squares and replace them, maybe? If anyone has any advice I would very much appreciate it. I have been searching for a pattern to make squares like this, but haven't had any luck so far:Am I right in thinking these are called 'granny squares'? I told you that I am a complete beginner at this sort of thing... Translations for the day:
I might as well continue the car theme from the last post, I suppose. Here goes:
UK English: accelerator = gas pedal in US English
UK English: handbrake = parking brake or emergency brake in US English
UK English: indicator = blinkers or turn signals in US English
UK English: hood = convertible top in US English (just to further confuse the bonnet / hood issue, I'm guessing)
UK English: gear lever = stick of stick-shift (manual transmission) car in US English

Automatic cars are very rare in the UK and I was rather nervous about driving an automatic for the first time when I moved to the US. I worried greatly about the car not being capable of selecting the correct gear etc. Then there's the fact that Americans drive on the wrong side of the road. Oh, and Los Angeles drivers are not generally the most pleasant of folks. So, it didn't help my nerves that my husband was talking a foreign language ("turn off your blinkers and hit the gas"...) while trying to be a supportive passenger on my first few forays onto American streets... It took me about 6 months before I was willing to drive on the local freeways.

Now I feel I should be publishing a warning to those same LA drivers: I've now bought a stick-shift car. I haven't driven one in ten years - and that was back in the UK, so it was all on the other side of the car. I'm a little rusty. I completely understand if you don't want to venture onto the local roads for a few weeks. I'm sure it will all come back to me soon...


  1. I would be so afraid to drive in LA! Good luck to ya :)I wish I knew something about crochet - I'm trying to learn to knit and just can't get past the purl stitch - ugh! Here are a few web sites that might help:
    By the way ... my hubbies wonders why I am making so many aprons too ... he mumbled something about pizza and take out chinese ;)

  2. you make me giggle
    I have a british hubby (doncaster) and he has lots of language issues too! I always laugh when he comes home and tells me translation stories! Our three year old now says UK things- like "ring granny now mummy" I love yr blog- am so glad to have found it the other day!

  3. Ah, yes the joys of driving on the wrong side of the road with out a gear stick. I've come to get used to it too, although I still struggle with reversing and which shoulder to look over!

    Lina x

  4. I hope you're up for playing along, as I am officially tagging you:

    Post THE RULES on your blog ( this be them! )
    Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog
    Tag 7 people and link to them
    Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

    If this doesn't appeal to you, then no harm done!

  5. What a sweet blanket. My grandma and great-grandma were wonderful crocheters, and I have a really similar blanket that my great-grandma made for me. It's white, with yellow and green outlining the squares, and it has yellow roses on it too. It doesn't look like it will be too difficult to fix, but I do not crochet myself.
    I think handbrake makes much more sense personally than parking brake. You use your hand to engage it...
    Thanks for stopping by my blog back a while ago. It seems my spam filter filtered out your comment. Silly Wordpress.

  6. Check out this site for the granny squares in your blanket.

    The first one has a chart, the second has pictures & directions.
    According to the sites, it is called a closed granny square.

    Good luck!